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Space & Storage Tips For Small Businesses

In business, wasted space often equals wasted money, and in today’s challenging economy no one can afford it! Here are three first class ways you can maximise your space for a more profitable business: Cut Back on Office Space Rental Office rental doesn’t come cheap, so why pay for more than you need? If [...]

Idea – Local Digitizer

Managing everything related to sharing media digitally, specialized services and more! We used to share media in person - opening a photo album, popping in a home movie, opening a freshly printed pack of developed pictures.  We’ve been spoiled by technologies that instantly allow us to see the images or video we’ve captured, in [...]

Idea – Decor Refreshers

Decor Refreshers - Out with the old and in with the new, as often as you like!  Keep your furnishings and decor current and exciting! Our homes are the single biggest investment we’ll make in our lives.  We take pride in them, big, small or in between.  Painting, furniture, wall art, area carpets, appliances, [...]

Idea – Gift Sherpas

Gift shopping - ourselves, family, friends.  Ugh.  Here's an innovative and fun spin for you and your customers! There is certainly no lack of gift choices but do we have the time, patience, is it something we really want to do, will we make the right choice, do we know where to look or if we’re even [...]

Idea – Goal Sherpas

If your goal has been to launch your own business, look no further - Goal Sherpas! I want to lose weight.  I want that promotion.  I want a house.  I want to learn a new language.  I want to start my new business this year.  I want to be happier. Everyone has goals, some are itsy-bitsy that we accomplish on a daily [...]

Idea – 3D Print Everything!

Total 3D Print EVERYTHING with this 3D Printing Business Idea!  Taking a multi-dimensional approach to making a complicated and intimidating industry easy to understand and access! Most of us have heard of 3D Printing.  Scan an item or design a model, hit a button and it’s created layer by layer right before your eyes, somewhat reminiscent [...]

Idea – Never Gluten – Gluten Free!

Never ridiculed, never frustrated, never lacking delicious choices - Never Gluten!  Gluten Free! Gluten Free - call it a fad if you will but it’s been around for some time and continues to become more and more popular.  You may be Celiac, gluten sensitive or have opted to do a short or long term gluten [...]

Idea – Geek Haven!

Geek Haven -  Look no further adult-ish geek, your quest is about to be fulfilled! Much of the Feed Me Ideas team are labeled, admitted, self-professed loud and proud GEEKS.  Not the kind that bite the heads off chickens (well *most of us* don’t have that listed in our catalog).  Been this way since our early [...]

Idea – Coffee Talk!

Network, engage, learn, share - stop by Coffee Talk! Busy professionals are just that - busy.  But there is always time for one thing, one theme that remains constant - the need for a little java!  Tall and fancy or a simple plain jane infusion of caffeine, heck maybe you’re a tea or even a smoothie person. [...]

Idea – The Relaxation Zone

If you're run down, anxious and stressed out this idea may help you relax. DISCLAIMER: You may have a panic attack reading this first blurb.  If you’re feeling fragile right now skip down to the relaxing part! You may be able to relate to how our days usually start: Alarm goes off - 7:00 a.m.  Wake up, [...]

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I need an idea!

"What should I do? I need a business idea!" "I have an idea but don't know where to start!" "I have X amount of capital, what business should I start?" "I need XYZ resource but I'm having trouble finding it" The list goes on. We hear it all the time, whether you're grinding out a 9-5, have a great idea but aren't sure of the next step or simply need a change of pace and want to work for yourself. Our hope is that we provide you with ideas and resources that inspire, motivate and move you to the next step. We want you to be successful and happy - it's in you, let's find it!