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In business, wasted space often equals wasted money, and in today’s challenging economy no one can afford it!

Here are three first class ways you can maximise your space for a more profitable business:

Cut Back on Office Space Rental

Office rental doesn’t come cheap, so why pay for more than you need? If you could cut back on the space you need to run a business, paying out less in rent would leave more to invest back in the business.

During tough times, office downsizing can bring its own set of problems, however, just one of which is the need to inform clients or customers of your change of address along with altering all your documentation and letterheads.

A way of downsizing without moving is to hire out a desk within your office. Lease contract allowing, it’s easy to set up as all you need is space for a desk, and a broadband connection. Freelancers and sole traders are your target market, and they’re more than happy with the flexible, monthly contracts hired desks are typically let on.

On the other side of the coin, if you’re a freelancer or sole trader, an alternative to expensive office rentals is to seek out slightly larger businesses who’re willing to rent out a desk. Office Genie can help you find desks available to rent all over the UK, while Desk Camping has desks available in London.

Clever Stock Storage

When most small business owners think of stock storage in any great quantity they generally visualise a warehouse. Few realize the solution that’s literally on their doorstep – self storage.

This option provides the ideal half way house between home storage and warehousing, plus has all the flexibility small business owners need in the monthly fluctuations that can occur with stock levels. Self storage companies themselves have realized the potential in partnering with small business owners, and some now even offer valuable little extras like late opening and courier services.

Self storage companies are in most towns and cities, making them easy to get to. They will take deliveries for you, and you can up or down-size your storage space with just a week’s notice. If you sell online and all you need is space to store and somewhere to pack, you could do it all from a well-placed self storage unit.

Banish Filing Cabinets

You don’t need them, or at least you don’t need as many of them. Long gone are the days when extensive paper records need be kept to hand.

Cloud storage is fast becoming the norm, with many service providers to choose between. Most offer some free space, with the option to buy more on a monthly fee basis.

The advantages to business are several-fold, and include:

  • Secure storage of sensitive documents or archived records
  • Easy access for all staff on the system
  • Greater collaboration between staff members via shared documents
  • More efficient and effective customer management thanks to instant access to records

You could either set up your own small system for cloud storage via popular offerings by Google or Dropbox, or you could opt for a more professional and inclusive service such as Office 365 from Microsoft. It depends on your needs and the size or model of your business.

Are you making the most of your business space? Adopt any of the ideas above to trim expense and keep more of your profits in your pocket.

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