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Be social, engaged and engaging!  Bridging the virtual and physical world gap in a creative, innovative and exciting way!

While we focus on a particular business model type in the initial description there are several proposed models – skip ahead if you want to cut to the chase!

There has been a shift in recent years in the way we communicate.  What was once a time where the only way to communicate was by phone or meeting in person has quickly evolved into a world or virtual meeting places.  Mobile phones, Texting, Hangouts, WhatsApp, Skype, FaceTime, Social channels and communities, live streaming – the list is extensive and rapidly evolving.

We can be anywhere anytime, far reaching with a simple tap of the keyboard, swipe of a screen or push of a button.  While the world has become ‘significantly smaller’ based on these marvels of technology they have also depersonalized our interactions, in addition to feeling the burning desire to constantly be connected. 

We’re sure you’ve at some point panicked if you think you’ve lost your phone – your life is on there!  Look around next time you’re in a restaurant – the vast majority of customers are on their phones, taking pictures, typing, posting updates, semi engaged with auto pilot on full tilt.  Sitting at home how often do you ‘multitask’ (efficiently we might add) where you focus on one activity or person without having multiple devices going off, in hand or distracting you in some other manner.  You’re there and doing ‘stuff’, but you’re really not there.

Many have lost their ability to properly communicate (both interpersonally and written), maintain attention longer then a hamster and are at least partially disconnected / oblivious to the wonderful physical world around them.

This behaviour shift didn’t happen overnight, it gradually trended as technology evolved and access to devices, apps and services became more pervasive…errr rather easier.  We do genuinely want to have fun, engage with real people and take part in entertaining activities, otherwise all forms of entertainment would be dead.  The problem is that we’ve forgot how.

Live and be in the moment!  Have fun!

We’re not proposing radical behaviour shift of a programmed and dependant society overnight (and believe us when we say if we we’re disconnected the shakes would start to set in pretty darn quickly). 

Where we see opportunity is bridging the gap between the virtual and physical world without it seeming or feeling like a completely foreign or forced activity, to reengage with our fellow people, working together, even working against each other (intrigued?  read on.).

An interesting ‘hook’ that seems to work and be the pivotal in any Web or App based game is the concept of levelling up, badging and general bragging rights of ‘standing tall’ based on your time, effort and skill you’ve invested to get to that tier (this even extends beyond games into the business world and other verticals – gamification has become wildly popular, increasing satisfaction, the fun factor and engagement).  Even think back to Boy Scout / Girl Guide badging – it was an AWESOME fulfilling those requirements / completing the tasks required to proudly sew that cool new badge on, we wore it with pride!

What if we could apply this gamification hook to bridge the virtual and physical gap, competing, working as a team, creating engagement and getting back to the basics!

Business Model

Social Contesting – Bridging the gap between the virtual and physical world, creating a community, engagement, promoting teamwork and quite simply put ‘having fun’.

There are several different business models, here are a few we came up with to get you thinking!

  1. Pit individuals, teams against one another by hosting social contests – even open it up as a free for all!  The contests can originate online either Web based, App based or both!.  The contest portion can take place in the physical world (or be a blend of online and real world engagement), with the results submitted back for declaration of a winner, badging, levelling or any other way you want to structure to maximize engagement).  Virtually any type of ‘contest’ or achievement can be outlined (of course safety, common courtesy, respect and decency should be taken in account).  The contests can be outlined / guided by your team or community driven for a lighter level of engagement from your team allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.
  2. Launch and host contests on behalf of companies that sponsor your business – these are all centrally managed on your Website / App.  A single or multiple contests can be running, members of the Social Contesting community can partake is any contests that are currently active.  The benefit to the business is that you host, manage the contest, they gain additional exposure as it’s not simply their existing customers that hear about it through existing channels / people that are already following them.  An additional benefit to the Social Contesting team is having traffic driven from brands to your site the multiple opportunities to monetize.
  3. Design and run social contests for businesses promoting teamwork – this can be a single day long event, a longer contest for a finite period of time or ongoing contests that accrue or renew every given interval.
  4. Design and run social contests for businesses promoting their brand, product or service through their channels (social, Web and otherwise) – think of your team as behind the scenes on this one.
  5. Social contesting for good – approach government or businesses to sponsor contests that play a positive roll in the community / teach social responsibility.  Ex. Clean up a park day, walk to work contest, recycle to win competition, volunteer at a shelter drive, etc.

You may run a single community or multiple that focus on a  specific demographic or type of contesting.  These types of contests may vary depending on the model.  They can range from simply being fun to complete (take a picture of you / your team making a face at a local attraction and post it to your profile – once completed that once grey spot on your profile page is now filled with a shiny trophy / you gain a new title / your level/ XP increases – maybe it also grants you special privileges!), competitive (come up with a new way to play ’tag’, record a video and have the community vote on a winner), teamwork oriented (get your colleagues to figure out, share and get the rest of the team solving a Rubiks cube!), even positive activities that benefit the community (like cleaning up a local park)!

Not all contests are created equal – under certain models physical prizes may also be offered up through sponsorship or brand placement.  This can go a long way to creating even more engagement and dramatically growing a user base!

Monetization Model

This will vary wildly depending on the business model selected.  It may be a blend or a single stream.  Some of the streams may not make sense based on the model – this should be quite clear as you review the list below!

Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

  1. Paid service – Ex. Run contests for / on behalf of a business.  Structure as a set fee, based on traffic, submissions or another creative metric!
  2. Sponsorship of specific contests or overall site – Have a brand(s) sponsor contests that you launch.  This may be because it aligns well with their product / service or because they want to gain exposure.  Sponsor from a monetary perspective, even prizing for participants!
  3. Affiliate / Referral – offer deal or discounts on targeted activities, products or services that may be relevant or geo local to the contest / contestants.
  4. Build a user base for acquisition – Make it fun, build the base and explore the possibility of selling off allowing another organization to add it as a complimentary offering or turn it into a revenue generating machine!
  5. Structure the system to allow integration of contesting within outside applications / systems – there are platforms that provide gamification tools, your offering can be different by positioning the physical and other differentiators mentioned above, or as a similar competing service that can be leveraged – if the system is already in place, open it up and charge!
  6. Membership / download fee – If you run a model where prizing is available (or if it’s just that cool!), a nominal download or membership fee may be possible although ensure you set the barrier to entry low enough from the beginning as you gain traction and momentum with your brand!
  7. Ads – Either on the site or through YouTube if videos are part of the strategy to confirm that a contest / challenge was completed, or to allow the community to compare entries and select a winner!

Ready to go Mano a Mano?  Here’s a contest for you – see how fast, efficiently and effectively you can execute on and bring Social Contesting to market!


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