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Making friends wasn’t always easy – until now.

I wish I had more friends.  Easier said than done, right?  As we get older it becomes increasingly difficult, even with apps and services targeted towards adults.  You meet once a month or so or bounce from group to group without any real consistency.  On rare occasions you click with someone but it’s typically an anomalous event.

The best and closest friends and bonds are forged in our younger years.  We may not carry them all through adulthood, but they are a pillar in helping us define who we are and who we grow up to be.  They have a tremendous influence on our lives – as a kid this isn’t really top of mind.  We’re not thinking about the well adjusted adult we will become, or what opportunities may lie ahead.  Kids want to be kids.  They want to have fun and play with friends.

As a kid making friends wasn’t always easy because:

  1. You came from a new school
  2. You don’t fit into one of the cliques or groups
  3. Bullies got in the way
  4. You’re not always local or within reasonable distance of kids you met at school
  5. Everyone has different interests and personalities, some don’t align well
  6. Schedules conflicted, I have soccer on Tuesday, Timmy has swimming lessons Wednesday, Thursday is family games night.  When are we going to get to play?
  7. We’re you one of the kids that was timid, shy, socially awkward?
  8. Your parents didn’t always approve of your pal ‘He’s a bad influence!’

We’re not talking about bubble wrapping, but as a parent you want to find like minded parents to ensure that:

  1. Your child is safe and secure, that the other parents are responsible
  2. Trust that the children are positive influences on each other
  3. They lead similar lifestyles and can partake in common activities without budgetary concerns

As a bonus for parents, wouldn’t it awesome if you could have some free time or even joint ‘playdates’ with parents you align well with? 

Making Friends

As a parent you’re relying on a PTA meeting, sports or extracurricular activity, school, existing friends (which sometimes forces your child to get together with someone they don’t like) or otherwise to make a connection.  As a kid you’re relying on much the same thing – another kid you engage with based on school or the activities you partake in.

Making a friend can take time.  While it can happen the first instant you meet someone it generally happens over a period of time, with parents playing a role in the continued friendship if / when they meet.  This could be a deal breaker for the kids, or may take away from certain activities.  You’re walking into the situation blind, not knowing more than what your child relays to you about ‘little Billy’.  

What if you could find an instant local connection that aligns well with the values, personality and lifestyle of both you and your child?  We’re not going to get along with everyone – it would be awesome if we had the inside track to instantly ‘browse’ for families that as parents and kids we can both ‘play-nice’ with.

Seeking Pals instantly aligns the personality, lifestyle and values of both parents and kids to find great matches for local friendship connections.

Business Model / Monetization

Traditionally it takes a little while to find out about one of your kids friend’s, eventually a meeting with the parents may be setup and you may or may not connect.  You really don’t know what you’re walking in to.  There are traits a child, in addition to the parents, can have that make it difficult to find a good fit.  For example, hyperactivity or social awkwardness. 

Seeking Pals makes it quick and easy to pair up like minded parents and kids.  It works well in the world of online dating, why not friendships for both parents and children?

Connections can be:

  1. One parent hosting a playdate to give the others a break and vice versa
  2. Mutual parent and children playdates – no more cringing every time we’re getting together with the ‘Smith’s’, we get along with them well!
  3. Occasional / last-minute one-off playdates – Nothing on the go for today or the next day, find local connections that are in the same position!
  4. Long lasting bonds watching your children grow up together – because your core values, activities, personalities lifestyles align it’s *sure* to be a hit

Seeking Pals helps you get to know the kids and the parents before you even meet.  Great conversation from the get-go, no awkward questions from your child about ‘why can’t I hang out with *this* friend anymore’, far greater chance for friendship success!

We’ll let you sort out how to best align parents and kids, a few of the basics are personality type, activities, interests, general location, etc.  One recommendation to consider is the security of your clients – the same common sense applies both in the physical and virtual world.  Consider not using real names, using credit card authentication, non-specific geo-locale, etc.

The positioning of your service / app can be to pair up kids, but it could also be to pair up adults with similar interests (it can be *really* hard to find anything more than an acquaintance as a grown-up.  It’s important you pick your niche and stick with it to avoid sending mixed messages with your business model.

You may want to consider offering this service as:

  1. An App
  2. Web Based service
  3. ‘Consultant’ agency much like a personal matchmaker

There are several ways to position and monetize the service.  Here are a few to get you started.

  1. App download fee
  2. Freemium model – pay to unlock additional features
  3. Ads / Sponsorship
  4. Affiliate / referral – offer deals or discounts on target activities, groups, products or services that align well with the parents / kids
  5. Membership fee
  6. Service fee if leveraging the matchmaker model

‘Did we just become best friends?  Yep!’


Build the brand

Need the perfect domain for this business idea?  What about:


Comes complete with the Twitter handle @seekingpals!

Build an awesome local or global brand.  Love the brand name but have a twist on what to offer or how to execute – awesome!

It’s available, if interested please reach out to domains@feedmeideas.com, our contact page, drop us a line on Twitter @ideapassion, or find us on Facebook – Facebook.com/FeedMeIdeas

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