Resources Your New Business shouldn’t be without!

Starting a business, even coming up with the idea can be confusing and frustrating.  We’re here to help, let’s get started!

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Business Ideas

Getting Started – From generating Business Ideas to Successful Execution!

Every resource you’ll need to successfully launch your new business!  From: What business is right for me?  How do I generate business ideas?  How do I know my idea is a good one?  I have an idea but don’t know where to start!  How do I validate my idea?  How do I raise capital?  :And Beyond!

Quickstart Roadmap to Building Your Business!

Building Your Business Step By Step

Most businesses fail. Don’t let that discourage you – many of those failures are preventable and many businesses are wildly successful.  We’ll be offering a quick start guide to building your business from the ground up, creating a roadmap of key steps and milestones ensuring you’re prepared, maximizing your chance for success!  COMING SOON!

Quickstart Roadmap to Funding your Business!

Raising Capital to Fund your Business

Having a brilliant idea is just the start.  Assume it’s been researched and validated – time to launch, right?  Here’s the hitch, you’re likely going to need funding.  What are the options available for raising capital, more importantly which one is right for MY business?  COMING SOON!

Time to get Online – Establishing your Web Presence!

Walking you through getting your business online!  Registering the domain (Website Name), hosting your Website, building your Website (DIY or custom built).

Marketing your Business – Find your target customers, and make sure they can find you!

Establish your brand, know your target customer, find where they ‘live’ to market your product or service in a place and way that garners their attention – position yourself for the win!  Online, Social, Traditional and other innovative marketing strategies – we have you covered!

Tools no Entrepreneur should be without!

Whether you’re new to the game or a savvy entrepreneur, make sure your kitbag is topped up with the best tools in the industry.  The landscape changes quickly with new, innovative tools and services that can help save you time, resources and can even help to automate your business.  Best of all most of them are FREE!

Learn from the best – pick up a book and start reading!

From inspiration to best practices, tips and tricks, to hearing from the best in the industry – a great read should always be on your to do list.  Gain incredible insight and stay sharp, both your brain and your business deserve it and will thank you.  Here are a few of our favourites.

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