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I’m right.  No, I’m right.  “There can be no progress without head-on confrontation.”  Let’s get ready to argueeeeee!

We all have disagreements, different points of view, and argue regularly.  It’s human nature.

Arguing is fun, especially when you’re right!  Let’s take two people arguing for example.  Both people *may* have valid points.  You spar back and forth for awhile countering each other’s points, each thinking they have the ‘kill shot’.  Sometimes you veer off topic and focus on minutia of some of the statements the other is making without focusing on the core point.

We sometimes turn to friends or family, but can we really count on an objective opinion?  Talking out of both sides of your mouth can lead to more arguing!  Rumble! They may tell me I’m right, they may also tell my ‘opponent’ they’re right.   Can we both be right with such wide differences of opinion?  Certainly not.  Can we both be partially right – absolutely.  It does however boil down to a tweaked version of an age old Orwellian adage –  ‘all people are right, but some are more right than others’.

Can people come to a consensus on their own?  Sure.  Do they?  Not always, in fact some are willing to bow out, roll over and play dead just to appease the other party.  Others walk away frustrated and ill tempered.  Usually it ends up a stalemate, each holding their ground, unmovable, unresolved, a standoff.

Is there somewhere we can turn to get a neutral, objective, and fair resolution?

Business Model

Resolve The Argument, taking the pieces of your argument puzzle and solving it quickly and concisely.  This can be a Web based or App service (or specialize in a niche where creative differences happen often and setup a hotline!) which has parties involved submit their respective arguments to a jury of unbiased peers to determine the outcome.

The argument can be made private or public!  Arguing always draws a crowd, now it can be the central hub for the new spectator sport!

When it comes to arguing there is no lack of available models – think outside the box!  Argue with people about a topic they submit or a random topic, go peer to peer and let the community decide on a winner! 

  1. ARaaS – Argument Resolution as a Service!  Be the professional unbiased team that solves the argument directly without outside influence.
  2. Community Driven – Let the community help solve submitted arguments but beware of trolls!
  3. Be the place people go to blow off steam by arguing with others peer to peer on random or suggested topics, or manufacture your own brand where you / your team takes on the world one individual and argument at a time for real or in parody mode – have fun, make a name for yourself!
  4. Teach people the fine art of winning and constructively arguing by engaging in hands-on lessons!

Monetization Model

There are a variety of models and revenue streams, we’ll start you off with a few mix-and-match or come up with your own!

  1. Paid service – Have users pay a nominal fee to have their argument resolved.  Bragging rights!
  2. Paid app / web service / membership – Charge a nominal fee to take part in a free for all.  Think about letting non-participants / subscribers spectate for free and monetize in other ways
  3. Charge to teach people the fine art of arguing and conflict resolution – even offer up resources such as Ebooks or premium content!
  4. Sponsors / Advertisers / Affiliates – Positioning this as a light-hearted fun and engaging App / Service could have sponsors lining up!
  5. Ads – As always if you can build traffic ads can be a great way to generate income, if it’s community driven it’s passive!

There are many more, think about gamifying it if you go the community route!

If you’ve ever been told ‘you should have been a lawyer’ this one’s for you!


Build the brand

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