Startup / Business Help – Email

//Startup / Business Help – Email

Startup / Business Help – Email


Need assistance getting your idea rolling, your Startup off the ground or help with your current business?  We can help with anything!  From recommending business ideas that are right for YOU, researching / validating an idea you have, helping design a business plan, milestones and timelines to set you on the right path, to resolving existing issues.

Leverage the expertise of our entire team who consult with clients and in a team environment on a daily basis to make the best recommendations possible.  Our team members have all worked for or started their own Startups –  leverage the experience and expertise of team members that have backgrounds in:

  • Creating successful businesses
  • Validating Ideas
  • Raising Capital
  • Business Consulting
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • Marketing
  • Billing Platforms
  • Integrations
  • Programming
  • Design
  • CRM
  • Human Resources

No task is too big or too small.  Each unit is considered 1 (one) hour.  Compare with high priced business consultants that charge anywhere from $175 for an entry level consultant, to more than $300 an hour for a seasoned veteran from an established firm.

If you have any questions prior to ordering please contact us here.


On a tight budget?  Our Email support is quick and effective, with a 24 hour or less turn around time!  Let us help you validate your idea, get your business up and running, or help with existing business challenges / initiatives.

We are currently running a non-profit venture, funds procured through any channels are funnelled back into the community for maintenance / upkeep / hosting costs, purchase / renewal of domains, contests and promotions, guest contributor payment / goodies, licensing content, marketing, and so on – the list is lengthy.


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I need an idea!

"What should I do? I need a business idea!" "I have an idea but don't know where to start!" "I have X amount of capital, what business should I start?" "I need XYZ resource but I'm having trouble finding it" The list goes on. We hear it all the time, whether you're grinding out a 9-5, have a great idea but aren't sure of the next step or simply need a change of pace and want to work for yourself. Our hope is that we provide you with ideas and resources that inspire, motivate and move you to the next step. We want you to be successful and happy - it's in you, let's find it!