Premium Ideas Monthly Subscription

//Premium Ideas Monthly Subscription

Premium Ideas Monthly Subscription

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Subscribe and we’ll send you a premium idea every month!

Interested in starting your own business but aren’t quite sure what will be a good fit? We’ll provide you with a new, creative and original premium business idea each month. We never publish these ideas publicly on our site.  They are hand picked from hundreds our team dreams up and reviews daily, only earmarking ones that are outstanding!

We’ll help you get the ball rolling so you can get your Startup off the ground!  If you’re looking to get specific, we can create a custom business idea for you – check it out here.

Leverage the expertise and creativity of our entire team who are devoted to delivering nothing but incredible ideas and resources.  Our team members have all worked for or started their own Startups and know an AWESOME idea when they see one!

Each idea is typically 14-16 pages and typically includes information such as:

  • Full overview of the problem / need you are addressing
  • Multiple Business Models
  • Lengthy coverage of granular business ‘building blocks’
  • Differentiation
  • Customer / Business Benefits
  • Target Customers
  • Multiple monetization models
  • Risks / Challenges
  • Keys to Success
  • Additional thoughts
  • Bonus Ideas related to the central theme
  • A potential Brand Name / Domain
  • Discounts on related services
  • Additional details around the idea and future publications

If you have any questions prior to ordering please contact us here.

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Subscribe and we’ll send you a premium idea every month!  That’s 12 premium ideas a year! These ideas are hand picked from the hundreds our team dreams up, validates and reviews as outstanding, cut above the rest! Each has a brand / domain add-on should the idea be the perfect fit for your next venture!

These ideas aren’t published on our site.  Be part of an elite group that subscribes to awesome ideas we don’t provide to the general public.

Looking for a custom idea that’s right for you?  Check out Custom Business Idea!  If you’re looking for general areas of business that best align with you interests, experience and working style check out Custom Business Profile!


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I need an idea!

"What should I do? I need a business idea!" "I have an idea but don't know where to start!" "I have X amount of capital, what business should I start?" "I need XYZ resource but I'm having trouble finding it" The list goes on. We hear it all the time, whether you're grinding out a 9-5, have a great idea but aren't sure of the next step or simply need a change of pace and want to work for yourself. Our hope is that we provide you with ideas and resources that inspire, motivate and move you to the next step. We want you to be successful and happy - it's in you, let's find it!