Premium Idea – FMI-001 ‘My Deal Radar’

//Premium Idea – FMI-001 ‘My Deal Radar’

Premium Idea – FMI-001 ‘My Deal Radar’

$3.99 $2.99

With multiple business and monetization models, My Deal Radar is sure to be a hit.  If you’re a hungry existing or aspiring entrepreneur this idea should be on your radar!

This 14 page premium idea includes:

  • Full overview of the problem / need you are addressing
  • Multiple Business Models
  • Customer Benefits
  • Business Benefits
  • Target Customers
  • Multiple monetization models
  • Risks / Challenges
  • Keys to Success
  • Additional thoughts
  • Bonus Ideas related to the central theme
  • A potential Brand Name / Domain
  • Discounts on related services
  • Additional details around the idea and future publications


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Idea ID: FMI-001

Codename: My Deal Radar

Idea Name: My Deal Radar

Type: App / Software / Service / Retail

Tags: Idea, Service, Retail, Mobile Application, Social, Fun Business

Capital Required: 0-250k. Variable dependant on business model. Good candidate for MVP and funding.

Employees / Company Size: 1-10+

Time to Monetize: <120 days


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