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Use the Job You Hate to Build Your Empire!

With all of the demands that come with starting a business, it’s easy to start slacking off at your day job.  Your full time gig can easily become a distraction from what you feel is really important, your new business. This transition into life as a full time entrepreneur can be difficult, however, with the right mindset and a little strategy, you can leverage the benefits of your current job to fund and fuel your new business venture.

Disclaimer:  I am not suggesting that you steal office supplies or use the office telephone to make long distance calls to your Aunt Ida in Nigeria. That would be too easy!

How to Pimp Your Job

Successful entrepreneurs know how to see the opportunities in their present environment.   With a positive attitude and a little strategy, you can leverage the benefits of your crappy job to build your business!  Let’s take a look at a few opportunities to consider:

The People

For most people, the workplace is where you come in contact with the most people each day.  This is a major opportunity to begin expanding your personal and professional networks.  Talk to the people who are your ideal customers and learn what they truly want and need.  Use this information to create effective marketing messages that draw new customers and products that give customers exactly what they want!

By cultivating a strong professional network and providing value you are creating a powerful network that you will need to tap into when you launch your business.  These connections will serve as the lifeline of your young business.

The Training

Free training is available at most companies. Take advantage of the trainings will make you a more knowledgeable and competent business owner.  Take a true and honest inventory of your knowledge and skills and make it your business to get into the classes that you need!

Take full advantage of tuition reimbursement programs, lunch and learns, and other types of trainings offered by your employer to learn on their dime!  Once you become a full time entrepreneur, those will be expenses that will affect your bottom line.

The Experiences

Your job offers a variety of experiences, projects and positions that will allow you to learn on the job.  Learn and make mistakes on your current job, not with your own biz. More than likely, your company has the budget and working capital to easily absorb many of the mistakes that could cripple your new business or shut it down entirely.  Use the time on your full time gig to educate and groom yourself into the leader that you need to be that will take your business to the next level.

Learn from your Bosses Mistakes

One of the most important things that you can while on the job is to observe and take note of the things NOT TO DO in business.  Everyone has worked for a less than complement jerk at some point in their career.  Use those missteps and bad decisions as examples of the things that you will strive not to do at your company’s helm.

Make it Count

Become the master of your emotions and make this time count!  It’s really all about perception.  If strategically planned, the next few months of your full time career can be used to enrich your business and prepare you to run and manage a successful start-up, on your company’s dime.

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