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Never ridiculed, never frustrated, never lacking delicious choices – Never Gluten!  Gluten Free!

Gluten Free – call it a fad if you will but it’s been around for some time and continues to become more and more popular.  You may be Celiac, gluten sensitive or have opted to do a short or long term gluten free run for personal or other reasons touting health benefits such as boosting your energy.  It’s a booming industry with tremendous momentum.

There is a troubling stigma attached to being gluten free – while not everyone on the diet *needs* to be, the vast majority of legitimate dieters are ostracized, ridiculed and generally looked down on.  Understand that most are not jumping on the bandwagon or riding a quick fad or trend – it’s a necessity for current and future health concerns.

It’s not easy – many foods may be safe but it isn’t clear on the label, conversely it may appear that the items doesn’t contain ingredients you’re aware contain gluten.  Sites online may also have varying opinions on gluten free, as do many governmental agencies – ex. if it contains less than 20 ppm it can be labeled Gluten Free.

Many new to the diet learn the hard way.

Some of the problems gluten abstainers face:

1. Minimal education – what does or doesn’t contain gluten?  Does ingredient XYZ contain gluten?  Many online sources contain contradictory information.  Does XYZ restaurant prepare items that don’t contain gluten / are 

2. Bland food – with the lack of education and absolute need for those with Celiac or sensitives to avoid the offending ingredient, many will opt to take no chances and move to a much more Paleo type of diet of plant and meat.  Very minimalist removing much of any flavouring because of lack of choice, fear of contamination and hidden ingredients

3. Few but expensive choices.  We can break this down to grocery and speciality health food / gluten free stores.  Most grocery stores now contain a gluten free section – it’s expensive and often misleading.  Many products are inherently gluten free, although once the ‘Gluten Free’ label gets stamped on it drives the price up dramatically.  Oh really, my apple is gluten free?  Thanks!  Speciality stores, especially those catering exclusively to the gluten free ‘lifestyle’ are VERY expensive.  You’re at the mercy of your local market, what they offer and how much they charge.  New boutique grocery stores and even micro bakeries are starting to pop up all over and are for the most part doing INCREDIBLE business!

4. Dining out / Ordering in – Many restaurants don’t clearly advertise items that are gluten free, both locally / online or even on their menu.  Going out for dinner is taking a step into the unknown –   often we’ll avoid the stigma of being ’that person’ – it looks like a plain salad with a glass of water as usual (hopefully there is no cross-contamination when your salad is getting scooped up!).  Even if you find something that appears to a fit consider the kitchen and the manner in which the food is prepared.  For example – your local pizza joint.  Sure they may have gluten free dough (likely a frozen pre-made plank), but how is it prepared (likely on the same surface slathered with flour) and are your favorite toppings gluten free (pepperoni – may have wheat type fillers).

I’m not properly informed, am I getting the nutrients I need, I eat bland food, my choices are limited and expensive, and dining out or ordering in is a dangerous roll of the dice.  I wish there was a local community that could help!

Never ridiculed, never frustrated, never lacking delicious choices – Never Gluten!  Never Gluten is your local go-to authority, service provider and store for all your gluten free needs!

Business Model / Monetization

You’re the go to name in your local area (and soon to be nationwide!) for Gluten Free EVERYTHING!  You are educating customers in addition to teaching them to self sustain with cooking / informational classes.  It’s not an easy diet to maintain – a support system that provides variety, a comfortable atmosphere and above all a community feel will help establish your brand.

Here are a few thoughts on what you can offer, how you differentiate and most importantly how you monetize!  Always keep in mind that some of these thoughts may be a phase one, two or a phase never! It all depends on what works best for you and what best serves your customers.

1. Cooking classes – do away with the bland!  Never Gluten is the expert – you’ve tried online recipes and come up with your own.  You know what works, what doesn’t, what’s quick and easy to prepare and what seems to be unrealistic for your typical gluten dodger looking for something quick and simple.  Range from the on the go < 15 minute to lunch ideas to hosting and wowing dinner guests with incredible dishes they wouldn’t have ever imagined were gluten free (that is until you tell them – have a camera ready, it’s a priceless reaction!).

2. Educational classes – Whether this is all new to you or you’ve been on the diet for ages there is new research, products, brands, do’s and don’t in addition to local establishments that cater to the segment.  This could be a class or a one on one consultation and can range from meal planning to Q&A, local restaurants, stores, individuals items / brands, general conversation / sharing and beyond!

3. In Store – Have a storefront.  Desserts, staples, your own creations and / or carry established brands!  Offer samples, spread the word!

4. Website / App – Offer recipes, write-ups on local establishments, resources, establish the day to day portion of the brand that will keep customers coming back for engagement and updates

5. Sell items directly / affiliate – Sell food (ex. Never Gluten’s famous cupcakes!) or gluten free related items (ex. Cookbook) on your site / app or via an affiliate(s)

6. Directory – Quick at your fingertip list for local gluten free dining / grocery including what they offer and more!  Charge local restaurants or stores to list, monetize with ads, sell products, work with affiliates, the possibilities are endless!

If your local area is starting to become denser with gluten free grocery options, explore offering mobile cooking lessons and meal planning for individuals or groups.


Portions of the business model may seem familiar.  One hurdle is to select the pieces that are the right fit for you, your community, knowing what is currently local / available and to differentiate.  You’re not simply an online retailer or storefront selling items, you’re a community of familiar faces that share experiences about your special dietary needs.


This model can extend to cover other food allergies should the demand be there – egg, dairy, nut, etc.  Listen to your customers.

Start with a local footprint then branch out.  This can include both brick and mortar locations, in addition to the online offering of your food / products, affiliate revenue streams and even directory type / review services. 

The only thing that should be bloated are your sales projections and revenue figures.  Never gluten – always awesome!


Build the brand

Need the perfect domain for this business idea?  What about:


Never Gluten Logo

Comes complete with the Twitter handle @nevergluten!

Build an awesome local or global brand.  Love the brand name but have a twist on what to offer or how to execute – awesome!

It’s available, if interested please reach out to domains@feedmeideas.com, our contact page, drop us a line on Twitter @ideapassion, or find us on Facebook – Facebook.com/FeedMeIdeas

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