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It’s a busy world but you still have to eat.  Make it simple, delicious, efficient and do it right with Meal Concierge!

With the pressures, stresses and demands of our daily lives, we trade off one priority for the next attempting to juggle and jam pack everything we possibly can into a single day.  Increasing commitments have us stretched thin, sacrificing important areas of our lives; family, friends, downtime, sleep – the list goes on.

Often the first time trimming exercise we engage in is unhealthy eating.  We need something fast, we don’t want to make it and we don’t fully understand or even care what’s in it if it means a quick refuel to allow us to get back to the ‘important stuff’ – what could be more important than your health?  It’s not all or nothing – we can indulge from time to time, it just shouldn’t be an everyday thing.  Healthy body, healthy mind!

To add several layers of complexity to what seems like such a basic task, eating, we need to consider:

  1. Allergies: Gluten, soy, fish, dairy, eggs, nuts to name a few.  Reactions can range from a mildly upset stomach to emergencies such as anaphylaxis.  We don’t know what’s in what we’re eating unless we prepare it ourselves.  Even if we suspect it’s safe we need to consider cross-contamination.  Good luck auditing every kitchen in town.
  2. Diseases: Diabetes, hemochromotosis, celiac, IBS, GERD, ulcers, hemorrhoids (ouch!) to name a few.  What you put in to your body (or don’t) can have an immediate adverse reaction, or long term cumulative implications.
  3. Family History: What runs in the family that I should be proactive about?  Diet can play a significant role in the development of an ailment that you’re genetically predisposed to.
  4. Healthy living: It’s not about filling our stomachs to feel full.  Without allergies, diseases or a family history we still need a healthy, balanced flow of nutrients to keep us energized, in tip top shape, and staving off any unsavoury issues lurking in the shadows.  With the aforementioned issues eating a balanced diet becomes increasingly difficult, in fact problematic.
  5. Science: Too much of this, not enough of that or look at this new power food!  Today study says it’s good for you, tomorrow’s study discredits the last.  Science please get your act together.
  6. Aligning with family: It’s lasagna night!  Wait.  Billy can’t have lasagna, he’s celiac.  We could make it gluten-free (and make the rest of the family suffer).  Forget that idea – I just picked up some fresh salmon, with the right amount of lemon and dill we’re in for a treat!  Hold up.  Lucy can’t have fish.  I wish Lucy was off at camp or something.  It’s tough to take every dietary concern into consideration, especially as the number of people in your household grows.  Do we prepare a completely separate meal or attempt to align on one meal everyone can ‘enjoy’ (and we use the word enjoy loosely).  Surely we won’t all be in agreeance.  Catering to one or a few can leave the other(s) tortured by enduring the ‘oh this is delicious, sooooo good’ comments for the rest of the meal.  Cross contamination also comes to mind when multiple dishes are being prepared side by side.  It may not even be an allergy or health impacting – we all have preferences and we’re allowed to have things we don’t like.
  7. Trends: Eating shouldn’t be a chore, especially not a boring one.  For as long as food has been around (like a few years or so right?) we continue to come up with tasty, innovative dishes and combinations.  We can comb through online recipes (like we have the time for that?) then trek to the grocery store buying a bunch of ingredients for this specific dish – now what?  We’re stuck with leftover bits and pieces of speciality ingredients we rarely use that will probably go to waste.
  8. Shopping: Speaking of a trek to the grocery store, which is annoying, takes a chunk of time and has us head scratching aisle to aisle trying to figure out what to get, how we’re going to make it.  I forgot something, I bought too much of this or that, we can’t even make this because he/she can’t have it.  Checking ingredient labels is tedious, gruelling and exhaustive.  Half the time an ingredient may not be listed by a common ‘we can’t have that’ name, it may not be listed at all or it may be prepared in a facility where they are in close proximity to, or use ‘offending’ ingredients in the same machines causing cross contamination.
  9. Preparation – Even if we find time in our schedule to shop and successfully run that gamut, now we’ve got to make this.  Alone one of these tasks may seem simple but when we start adding it up it’s a significant time burner and we end up resorting to bad habits.
  10. Dieticians: Either it’s a one shot quick tip and tricks consultation, or you’re visiting them regularly taking time to schedule an appointment, travel, not to mention that they aren’t cheap.  The sessions are also typically 1:1 taking a person centric approach – it starts to add up if you’re bringing in the entire family (and then to tie it all together and come up with regular plans is typically outside their box)!  If I’m lucky I’ll get a ‘try this, avoid that, I’ve heard about this’ and you’re sent on your way.  For many they aren’t a sustainable solution.

It’s getting out of hand.  Eating should be easy and enjoyable, not laborious and stressful.  I need to ensure we’re making the right meal decisions, it’s need to be simple, time effective, cost effective, and enjoyable for all.

Meal Concierge at your service – helping you save time, money and your sanity all while offering up delicious choices that fit you / your family’s needs!

Business Model

As Meal Concierge, you’re here to ensure your customers have a healthy, balanced diet for all members of the family while taking allergies, intolerances, other health concerns and budget into consideration (just wait until you get to the monetization model!).  

You accomplish this by:

  1. Profiling family members – You make meal time easy by capturing allergies, intolerances and other health concerns to find a happy point of intersect for delicious, safe and healthy meals.  This can be done in person or over the phone.
  2. Meal plan / recipes for the day / week / month – You prepare meal plans for the family.  No overthinking it, no arguing, you know what you’re having and when you’re having it so there aren’t last minute surprises or extra trips out for groceries.  You’re also the expert on top of the latest and greatest recipes for the variety we crave, in addition to new trends and balanced eating, super foods and everything else one would expect of someone who holds the title of Meal Concierge!
  3. Prepare shopping lists – You align the meal plans so ingredients aren’t purchased that will go bad – they can all be consumed within the allotted meal plan timeline.  You’re also on top of popular brands to ensure no offending ingredients are present.  This makes a trip to the grocery store quick and easy (also refer to the monetization model for an alternative to customers having to brave the store themselves).

This very soon becomes second nature to you and your team.  As your customer base and experience grows, so does your repository of recipes and meal plans that can quickly be cross referenced to find the perfect synergy of food for any situation!  Be sure to streamline the way you capture and store this information from the start – investment in a good CRM will make your life much easier!


Here’s where things get interesting.  You have the option to launch day one with any or all of the revenue streams below, or slowly build work up to it, or create your own!  Here are a few to get you started:

  1. We’ll start with the obvious – Meal Plans / Shopping lists.  Engage with your customers directly and create a customized meal plan for a week(s), month(s) or longer!  This can be a source of recurring revenue by checking back in actively or passively every month.  These can be sent via E-Mail or go old school and print it up for your customers for that extra special hands-on touch approach.
  2. Subscription to meal plans, recipes, trends – generate passive income.  Allow your customers to subscribe to monthly meal plans that are catered to their needs.  This is a great follow-up / add-on to an initial personalized consultation.
  3. Allow one time downloads – offer up special recipes or diet plans that are intended as one off specific usage.  A few examples may be a week long cleanse, a heavy protein based diet for bulking up, energy restorer, etc.  This can also incorporate allergies / intolerances / health concerns / preferences to ensure the proper fit.
  4. Digitize everything!  Allow the entire meal plan / shopping list process to be automated from beginning to end by taking an online profile of each family member and making digital content available immediately as well as on a weekly / monthly subscription basis.  If you want to get really fancy an App could be introduced with push notifications of upcoming plans, shopping items, new recipes, trends and more!
  5. If you go the full digital route it may be possible to monetize via ad revenue, sponsors and affiliates (see below) alone or have a partially open site generating revenue with the aforementioned streams, in addition to the ‘traditional’ methods mentioned above.
  6. Forge relationships with local shops / grocery stores – act as an ‘affiliate’ / referrer while at the same time offering benefit to your customer with offers and promotions exclusive to Meal Concierge customers / subscribers.
  7. Shop for your customers!  Give them back a few hours back each week – volume will be the key to making this a profitable venture.  There are services that can deliver but if you’re going to go this route take it one step further and let your Meal Concierge take care of the whole package!  Also keep in mind that not all brands that are required / ‘whitelisted’ for your meal plans may be available from a single provider.
  8. Why stop at shopping for your customers, take a page out of the Kitchen Helper’s play book and prepare a meal(s) for them onsite.  Triple threat!
  9. Take it a step further you say?  Prepare pre-made meals and deliver to your customers.  Shopping, cooking, and cleaning can be an exhaustive process – prepare one or all of a customer’s meals.  Perhaps they’re in a pinch every morning and can’t afford the time to prepare a proper breakfast to get them started on a right foot – a great candidate for a morning delivery for a day or even the full week.  Tax season has hit and your Accountant client needs all three meals prepared and delivered for a week or two, awesome!  We know how hectic our end of month can get – launch this business and Feed Me Ideas will be your first customer!

Please keep in mind that there may be local guidelines / requirements to follow when preparing food such as certifications, licenses, inspections, even a commercial grade kitchen may be required.  In addition there is a level of research to ensure your recommendations are in fact safe, practical and, well, delicious!  An educational background / certification in nutrition or related field will lend to your credibility and help kickstart your venture quickly and on the right foot – this may be you, someone you hire or an outside consultant.  Please be sure to do your research and execute on it right the first time!

Remember, like your appetite this will grow overtime; your content, knowledge of the industry, revenue channels and above all else your customer base!  You’re motivation and drive are insatiable.  Would it be paradoxical and ironic to say you’ll be so passionate about your new venture that you’ll need a Meal Concierge-esque service to keep you going on those busy days?  You and your team will be your own best customer!


Build the brand

Need the perfect domain for this business idea?  What about:


Comes complete with the Twitter handle @meal_concierge!

Build an awesome local or global brand.  Love the brand name but have a twist on what to offer or how to execute – awesome!

It’s available, if interested please reach out to domains@feedmeideas.com, our contact page, drop us a line on Twitter @ideapassion, or find us on Facebook – Facebook.com/FeedMeIdeas

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