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The weather has been really <insert noun> lately.  *Cringe*  Boring!  Make Me Interesting!

We’ve all fallen victim to social awkwardness, dull conversation skills, boring discussions and forced banter at some point in our lives.  For many this is a daily affliction that causes stumbling, fumbling, even avoiding interactions.  For others it’s less frequent but the need to stay sharp, engaging and interesting is still top of mind – no one wants to get caught off guard, appear to have the social / business IQ of a garden slug or leave an unpleasant lasting impression.

“Hey did you catch the game last night?”  “No, I don’t enjoy sports”.  And the conversation fizzles out, bombs, tension rises, then the overreach will come to attempt a save.

“Wow hot out today, hope the weather holds until the weekend!” “Me too.”  Boring!

“How’s the wife doing?” “We’re getting a divorce” Awkward!  How do you back-pedal out of that one?

“I had the best steak ever last night!” “I don’t believe in eating meat, it’s wrong.” Fail!  MacGyver hasn’t been in this tight a situation. 

It could be as simple as small talk while waiting for a coffee.  It may be daily discussions with coworkers, friend, our significant others.  It may even be those less frequent but ever so important impressions we make when we meet new people are parties, social gatherings, even dates!

It’s not just about having something to say.  We all have something to say.  It’s about finding the right topic for the individual, setting, reading the situation and being natural about it.  We all do this to a certain extent but we don’t course correct and the interaction doesn’t always resonate well with the other party.

Let’s face it, we can all use a tune up from time to time.  Self improvement should always be a constant.  No one wants to be boring, socially inept or passed over for the job / promotion.  There is a way to hone your skills, read on!

Business Model

Make Me Interesting arms you with topics, activities, knowledge, skills and tools to be able to appropriately engage, execute and hold conversations in an interesting manner with an individual, group, work team or otherwise through discussion, body language and physical communication / actions in addition to arming you for ongoing future success.

The goal is to make the individual(s) interesting, allowing them to engage in virtually any discussion with any type of individuals or groups.  Hold your own!

You can venture beyond the basics of simply conversing to managing / leading conversations, how to change topic, goal based discussions and more!

The business can be structured in several ways:

  1. In person classes, 1:1, virtual training, workshops, seminars, etc
  2. Open Website, Community Driven – Allow open access driven by the community, self sustaining.  This can range from sharing topics and info to peer-to-peer / group discussions and practicing!
  3. Open Website, Driven by your team – You may consider having a managed repository of interesting stories, facts, information and otherwise that can be freely accessed.  ‘Did you know’ can be a powerful opener that quickly draws and holds the attention of your audience.  Curated content require more work but can be a better model.
  4. Membership driven Website – Make topics, resources and virtual classes available through a portal
  5. Open / Membership hybrid Model – a mix of the open Website and Membership driven site above

When we mention Website you may also give thought to an App – Making People Interesting on the go with activities, tips, topics, tricks of the trade and other resources.

Monetization Model

There are several ways to monetize, we’ll get you started with a few thoughts – note that while you can mix or match some may only make sense under specific business models described above:

  1. Individual 1:1 – Turning the average Joe / Josephine into a lean mean interesting machine one day at a time!
  2. Onsite class / training – Single day, multi day and ongoing classes; give thought to multiple types of sessions that cover the spectrum of
  3. Virtual class / training – Technology has dramatically shifted both the way we can and do communicate.  Considering many businesses now operate remotely and many conversations we have are online, through apps or the phone what better way to engage and teach your audience than virtually!
  4. Online subscription / membership granting access to ongoing resources post training – videos, articles, ebooks, trends; self sustaining, current materials.  Keep up to date on important topics and events in the world, past marquee happenings, etiquette, beginner skills to business ice breakers and advanced techniques!
  5. Workshops / Seminars – For the individual or business, specific topics happening on a schedule, or allow a la carte drop ins for each session
  6. Ads / Sponsors / Advertiser / Affiliate – Open Website models can support a variety of indirect revenue generating mechanisms.

Set forth and start making the world more interesting one person at a time!


Build the brand

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Build an awesome local or global brand.  Love the brand name but have a twist on what to offer or how to execute – awesome!

It’s available, if interested please reach out to domains@feedmeideas.com, our contact page, drop us a line on Twitter @ideapassion, or find us on Facebook – Facebook.com/FeedMeIdeas

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