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“I’m my team’s number one fan!” – Every fan of the team.

I have my favourite sports, teams, and players – I’ll take in every game I can…if my better half let’s me!  I LOVE sports! 

Not everyone is in to the same teams as me, I like some in town favourites but also some out of towners – my friend’s call me a traitor but it’s the team I grew up loving, or my original home town, or maybe I just like a team that can win (anyone who’s seen the Maple Leafs recent skid can appreciate this)!

As much as I love sports, I’m feeling a little down:

  1. I have a lot of teams to keep up with – between NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, UFC, heck I’m even a soccer, tennis, and curling fan!  I have to check multiple sites / apps for game times, locations and all the information I’d love to have at my fingertips in one central location.
  2. I don’t always have someone to watch the game with – it’s nice to have a relaxing night in watching the game (although it’s seldom without interruption and annoyance if you have a significant other or little critters running around).  It’s GREAT to get out to the bar / pub / restaurant with like minded fans to cheer on my local team. Rah rah rah, go team go!
  3. I’m travelling or I’m not rooting for my hometown favorite – I don’t know who broadcasts the game I want to watch.  It would also be awesome to surround myself with other fans rather than feeling like an outsider.  My local TV provider may not offer the channel, even if they do it’s probably bundled at an outrageous price that would get me a fat juicy steak with all the fixings at the local pub for the same price.
  4. I don’t have the opportunity to check out live local games – Why?  I’m a fan of my local team and would like to get out to a game but it’s a bit of a drive and I’m under the impression it would be cost prohibitive and time consuming – this assumption has me avoiding the trouble of seeking out tickets online, I’d only be teasing myself.  There are also plenty of close to home games I would love to see because I genuinely love the sport but don’t actively seek them out because it’s not my favorite team.
  5. I don’t have the opportunity to check out live out of town games – Why? – For just that reason – my favorite team is from out of town (or my favorite home town team is playing out of town, but it’s still close to me).  I haven’t given it much thought because it’s not local.  I don’t quite know when they’re going to be close or how close / accessible they actually are (whether within driving distance a state over, a quick commute by train or even a short flight!).  I’m also a little put off and frustrated trying to coordinate a trip, even if it’s a short haul – I don’t want to travel alone, booking game tickets, hotel, flight / train / mapping my route.  Maybe I’ve got a friend in the mix and need to coordinate with them as well.  It’s confusing and seems like too much work.

Lots of games to be watched and events to be attended.  I wish there was a better way to aggregate my sports schedule, find local like minded fans, find an establishment that will indulge and broadcast my out of town obsession, I’d like to check out live local games and even have the opportunity to venture out of town to catch my fave team if I know they’re within reach, the price is right and it’s simple to plan / book everything!

Get our your ‘#1 Fan’ oversized foam hand for the closet, it’s go time!  Introducing Locate Fans!

Business Model

Locate Fans is an App / Website that gives sports enthusiasts everything they want at their fingertips, and MORE!  The experience in catered to the individual based on their geolocation and team preferences.

Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

  1. A geolocation based ‘venue’ finder – This can show local pubs that are broadcasting the game you’re looking for!  Great whether you’re looking for a local watering hole to support the home town team, or if you’re travelling / don’t support the home team and finding a place seems like an impossible task.
  2. Heat map / fan counter / real time chat – Nobody wants to celebrate a touchdown, goal, homerun or slam dunk alone.  Chat and follow along with local fans when you can’t meet up, find where fans most often meet locally (heat map or user count fans at different establishments within a geo area), even setup an event and join in the celebration!
  3. Aggregated schedules and news for all your favorite teams across multiple leagues – So many games, teams, updates – never miss anything!  Save time and be in the know with up to the minute information about the teams you care care about!

But wait it’s only half time, there’s more…


Get your customer to the door with a simple, easy to use, convenient, community driven and engaging site / App with ‘simple’ things like locating fans, bars that show the games, aggregating and personalizing their experience, then sneak attack with cross-sell / up-sell awesomeness!

Here are a few thoughts on key revenue streams:

  1. Local game tickets – By becoming an affiliate for / partnering with a ticket selling agency or by allowing other Locate Fans users to post their tickets, you can present the fan with the ability to one click order tickets.  Present this as a passive option with price ranges or tickets along side the sporting event when they check the schedule, or puppeteer an impulse buy with a push notification of an AWESOME deal!
  2. Out of town game tickets – Similar to local game tickets, this add in convenience of allowing the fan to one-stop-shop for a complete sports travel package.  Hotel, car, flight, train / bus ticket, driving directions.  Cross sell to include additional attractions like a sports hall of fame tour, or something unrelated to sports but unique to the city or simply FUN!
  3. Sell team apparel / merchandise – You know the profile of the fan because they’ve freely offered up what teams and players they like.  Sales should be a no brainer with laser focused ads – carry inventory or act as an affiliate / private label reseller.

Here are a few thoughts on additional forms of monetization:

  1. Allow fans to sell their own new or gently used team merchandise – Find targeted sports fans that may otherwise not seek out a particular item, while at the same time getting top dollar over other auction sites because you have a concentrated and sports fan focused user base that will fight tooth and nail for an item which will sell off quickly!  Charge a fee or list or a percentage.  Fixed price or auction style.
  2. Membership – Offer up ‘extras’ and charge a monthly or yearly membership fee.  This may include membership exclusive offers, discounts, or anything else you can dream up for a fan.
  3. Nominal app cost – I would pay to aggregate my favorite teams and have all the other cool features mentioned in one, convenient place.
  4. Ads – With targeted information about a fan and their preferences this should have select ad / sponsors UFC fighting a path to your door.  This could be for merchandise or a massive local event to draw in local patrons.
  5. Charge bars to list as a ‘XYZ’ sports team friendly venue – As fans check in the map the fan counter / heat map with light up, additional fans will begin to roll in, as will additional revenue for the business.

Your monetization and core business models will be dependant on one another – for example it may not make sense to charge a nominal fee for the App / Membership if you execute on the key revenue streams mentioned.  As inexpensive as $0.99-$2.99 may seem it will be a barrier of entry that may have many fans stuck out in a rain delay.  Know and focus on your priority business model / revenue streams.

Additional Features / Thoughts

There list of really cool things you could include with this app are virtually limitless.  Here are a few additional thoughts on features to get you started:

  1. Allow fans to friend each other based on similar profiles – meet up for local games or and find that fan buddy you’ve been desperately searching for and can bond with.  Attend local games, venues, even share driving to a semi-local game or go on that dream sports trip on your bucket list.
  2. Allow fans to setup home events – invite fan friends to a game day get together, tail gate party or BBQ!
  3. Send this exact package deal to a friend – Ever booked a vacation and tried to align on flight / hotel / travel plans with someone else, especially if you’ve book through multiple providers?  It’s not always easy.  What if you offered the ability to allow a fan to send the same package they booked to a ‘fan friend’ with one touch?  Avoid multiple phone calls, confusion and frustration.  You could even show recently configured packages to other fans that fit their profile and get some additional sales!
  4. Have a discount area – This could include last minute tickets, merchandise, etc.  Everyone loves discounts!
  5. Allow users to set their price bar – Ex. Please show me tickets for MY team if it falls under $X amount, or is in X location, or cool merchandise falls within my budget.
  6. User alerts / push notifications – Allow fans to decide what’s important enough to get notified about.  It could range from blockbuster trades, to upcoming games within a particular geographic region.
  7. Gamify – Fun and engaging features like votes, polls, mini games, badging, levelling, trivia (Fan Wars! – Who knows the most?), etc.

Time to huddle, come up with a game plan and carry this into the end zone for a touchdown!


Build the brand

Need the perfect domain for this business idea?  What about:


Comes complete with the Twitter handle @locatefans!

Build an awesome local or global brand.  Love the brand name but have a twist on what to offer or how to execute – awesome!

It’s available, if interested please reach out to domains@feedmeideas.com, our contact page, drop us a line on Twitter @ideapassion, or find us on Facebook – Facebook.com/FeedMeIdeas

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