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Managing everything related to sharing media digitally, specialized services and more!

We used to share media in person – opening a photo album, popping in a home movie, opening a freshly printed pack of developed pictures.  We’ve been spoiled by technologies that instantly allow us to see the images or video we’ve captured, in addition to being able to share it across multiple social channels in a snap! 

We’ve traded off some of our personal touch and privacy in exchange for being far reaching and instantly gratified – friends and family all over the world can see our photos and videos online as or moments after it happens!

Some of us take for granted:

  1. Getting media online and sharing it isn’t as simple as ‘pushing a button’ for everyone
  2. Some formats of media need to be transferred from a device (ex. I have a card in my camera, now what do I do?)
  3. Some formats of media need to be converted (ex. 8MM, MiniDV, VHS / Super VHS, Printed pictures to be scanned)
  4. Privacy concerns – not everyone is aware of what they’re sharing or who they’re sharing it with

While sharing socially can be awesome, some may also want a physical copy of printed media as a keepsake or gift.  It may be a photo, calendar, stretch canvas, on a T-Shirt, mug or anywhere else you can think of.  

We can walk into a store, stick a media card in a terminal and select your pictures (even this is be daunting for some between multiple screens, editing, plethora of options), go to another store and get a one off special gift like a T-Shirt printed, badger friends or family to get our media online (if they know what they’re doing and actually want to help – from experience that’s a big fat NO!), then we’re left with some sort of media storage we may want to keep as a backup and not overwrite.  Some will go out and purchase another media storage device to replace it, move it on to their computer (when it crashes and those precious memories are lost watch out!), or simply overwrite it by accident.

Management and digitizing of your media doesn’t need to be difficult, frustration, or time consuming but it often is.  I want a one stop shop for all my media management and service needs!

Business Model

Local Digitizer at your service, managing everything relating to sharing media digitally and more!  Converting, uploading, privacy controls, sharing with specific individuals or networks.  Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress / Website, Private Cloud Space.  Specialized services for print, gifting, unique media delivery / presentation, backup services and more!

You can setup and manage Online accounts for users, use an existing account or provide a unique URL / private and secure hosting of the media internally.

A storefront may be necessary depending on the model you select and how you position it.  If the core focus is digitizing, a storefront is necessary for the hands on approach.  If offering some of the additional services mentioned above and in the monetization model a Web storefront may help to automate, better facilitate and compliment your complete range of services.

This idea also has an opportunity to become franchised!  Local Digitizer would be a great fit in busy malls, strip plazas, small and large towns alike!

Monetization Model

There are several ways to monetize, we’ll start you off with a few:

  1. Management / uploading / sharing of media digitally – per instance or in a tiered package structure
  2. Converting of media – legacy formats (ex. VHS) or even current formats the customer requires for a specific need
  3. Printing / Gifts – Photos, Cards, Calendars, Towels, T-Shirts, Pens, Flipbooks, etc.  In house or outsource!
  4. Private Cloud Sharing – Storage and sharing from your private cloud for those that are concerned about frequently changing privacy policies
  5. Cloud / Local Backup – Backup services to allow the customer to re-use their media card, preserve their memories or simply as piece of mind that their media is backed up should their computer crash or a network be compromised
  6. Custom Video / Photo Editing – For personal or special events; video montage, slide show and more!  This may pair nicely for a cross-sell / up-sell printing / gift opportunity as outlined above
  7. Product Sales – Sell digital cameras, camcorders, accessories, cellphone cases, digital media (SD cards, sticks, backup drives), drones, anything you can think of that closely aligns with the way you position the business
  8. Classes – A wide range of classes could include; photography, sharing socially / digitally, managing media sharing, or get specific such as using a GoPro, etc.  This isn’t meant to put you out of business – it can be specific to those that want to be hands on, semi-manage their accounts going forward once the media is up there, or focus on topics that won’t have the potential to take away from other revenue streams
  9. Internet Services – Not everyone has a home / fast connection, offer up a paid connection in store!

Set forth and help your fellow human digitize, share their memories, gift awesome gifts and more with Local Digitizer!


Build the brand

Need the perfect domain for this business idea?  What about:


Comes complete with the Twitter handle @localdigitizer!

Build an awesome local or global brand.  Love the brand name but have a twist on what to offer or how to execute – awesome!

It’s available, if interested please reach out to domains@feedmeideas.com, our contact page, drop us a line on Twitter @ideapassion, or find us on Facebook – Facebook.com/FeedMeIdeas

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