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You can’t handle the truth, or can you?  Question is can you even get the truth?  Lie Detected can help!

Everybody lies, it’s a fact and that’s no lie!  Most people can’t go a few minutes without telling a lie, even if it’s a small one, minor detail, whether to make a story more interesting, making themselves look better or simply for attention.  Heck sometimes we lie without consciously thinking about it – it just slips right out of our mouthes!

Now with everyone lying as often as they do times the number of interactions you have per day – that’s a lot of lies floating around.  Betty denies taking the last donut from the staff kitchen (although the powder sugar around her lips says otherwise!), Carl embellishes the size of the fish he caught last weekend, Joe talks about the size of his…bank account.

Sometimes we can tell when someone’s lying – it’s blatant and outlandish, sometimes we call someone on it, other times it’s so smooth that we have no idea or even a reason to suspect otherwise. 

Most lies are meaningless, but others are whoppers that eat away at us day after day.  Did he cheat, did she steal, does she really love me?  Often we’ll ask a question we don’t even really want the answer to and it’s obvious so the other party lies.  Some of us are GREAT at picking up on this, but not all the time.  There are very few ‘walking lie detectors’ who can identify and interpret body language to a point of incredible accuracy.  The truth can hurt and it can also have consequences.

It would be awesome to know when someone is telling the truth, especially in close relationships.  It’d even be swell to have a ‘truth or dare’ get together party, hook your friends up to a polygraph and have a good chuckle.  

There are so many applications and uses for getting to the truth, the problem is most people can’t afford a real polygraph machine or even a test.  Often we don’t even know what questions to ask, in what sequence or how to micro analyze past statements to piece the puzzle together.  It can take time, skill, honed perception and a little bit of finesse.  But what if there was a portable lie detector and / or service geared towards the consumer market?

Business & Monetization Models

There are several business models and ways to monetize, we’ll start you off with a few:

  1. App / Hardware – Design a App with supporting hardware that can interface with the Smartphone – a portable on-the-fly anywhere lie detector test!  Bring it to a party to have a little fun or keep it hanging around the house with your kids or significant other.  Even the mention of bringing out the lie detector may get you the truth!
  2. Classes – Teach people how to spot when someone is lying, being deceitful, what questions to ask and how to get to the bottom of a seemingly complex web and world of lies.  What to ask, when to ask, how to ask it.  What to look for expression wise, how to catch someone, when and how to call them on it.  This can be in the context of interpersonal interactions or geared specifically towards business (even for virtual agents based on verbal queues)!
  3. Group session / consultation – Sit down with clients and go through their concerns and questions.  Get to the bottom of the issue – it’s almost like therapy but more intended to either identify deceit or help the couple / clients adopt a concept of radical honesty (it’s not easy but if you can get closer to it think of how strong your relationship will be).
  4. Teach people how to become better liars – Our ethical principles say no, but the entrepreneur in us sees opportunity.  Some people are awful liars.  There is a time and a place for a convincing lie whether to preserve feelings, hold a better position against a ‘rival’ or for gain – personal or professional.  It’s not a pretty business but there may be a market for it!
  5. Web based community – Offer up a Web based community that caters to everything deception – asking for advice on situations ‘is he lying’, informational tips on expressions, body language and more!

What we propose with the App / Hardware is an amateur DIY polygraph with guidance.  To put it in context think of it as building your own Model rocket.  You aren’t a rocket scientist working for NASA, but you are setting out to fly a rocket – you aren’t going to make it to the moon but that expectation is already there.  You’ve flown the rocket in your own backyard, mission accomplished!

Keep in mind it typically takes a trained professional to interpret body language or polygraph results and translate them into a professional opinion.  No test is 100% fool proof nor can any one person tell you if someone’s lying beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The community model is pretty straight forward and can be self sustaining, generating passive income.  It may require a little work if you plan on ‘blogging’ or creating content.  Have local P.I.’s sponsors, ads, premium content and anything else you feel may be a fit based on the direction you take.

Classes and consultation will require some skill on your end – if you’ve been professionally trained or you’re that person that can always call BS from a mile away this may the be opportunity for you!


Build the brand

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Build an awesome local or global brand.  Love the brand name but have a twist on what to offer or how to execute – awesome!

It’s available, if interested please reach out to domains@feedmeideas.com, our contact page, drop us a line on Twitter @ideapassion, or find us on Facebook – Facebook.com/FeedMeIdeas

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