Guest Contributors Wanted!  Authors, Bloggers, Aspiring and Current Entrepreneurs!

Please also review our Curated Content offering if you’re looking to generate passive income!

We want to extend the opportunity to contribute to community; ideas, articles, how-to’s, videos, anything!  Don’t want to contribute but have an idea, topic you would like us to cover or any other suggestions?  We’d still love to hear about it – Contact Us.

If you’re it or know where we should look we’d love to hear from you!

What you get out of it:

  1. Site Credit – Your picture, bio and site (backlink / link back) posted
  2. Social Media – Promotion across various social channels such as Twitter (thousands of followers, heavy traffic and subscriber base)
  3. Exposure for you, your brand, product or service – and new followers!
  4. Portfolio piece
  5. Geeky Toy(s) – That’s right, geeky toys!  The Feed Me Ideas loves to play with their toys to get the creative idea fire roaring – can’t move further than a few feet without bumping into some cool toy / gadget that you can’t help but pick up and play with.  You would swear we’re running a daycare!  We’d love to share them with you!  I can say from experience it helps us when we’re trying to come up with ideas, copy or whatever the case may be. Keeps the hands busy and the mind clear and focused.  Note – to be eligible for the geeky toy your post must be of a certain length, in addition if your brand is mentioned / there are several ‘follow’ back links in the article we may opt for the virtual *high-five* and site credit / backlinks / social promotion versus couriering out a toy.
  6. The top ten submissions from now until end of year will also get a top-secret one of ‘those’ when it becomes available – it’s in the hopper and just about there but our marketing gurus have us tight lipped and hush-hush.

**Update November 9th – we ran out of ‘Ball of Whacks’ and ‘Nano Dots’, sent the intern out to start restocking.  We were just texted with a few of the goodies from their first stop:

Geeky Goodies

What we get out of it:

  1. Great, original and creative content
  2. Different points of view and additional content for the community
  3. Momentum – We’re hard at work in the process of formalizing a Video Series and other resources set to release shortly.  This has taken some of our focus away from the day to day updates – it would be great to keep up the pace (and even accelerate it) by having awesome content from the community.

How it works:

  1. Prior to submitting please ensure your content is original (hasn’t been published anywhere before AND you have the rights to any images / copy that may be included)
  2. Submit your topic (and maybe even a quick blurb or a link to your current site we’d love to check it out!) – Contact Us, Team@feedmeideas.comtweet @ideapassion or find on on Facebook
  3. We’ll review and get back to you promptly!

We need to review the idea / sample to ensure there isn’t any overlapping content with our current roadmap, in addition to ensuring it aligns with our vision and audience.  Who knows, maybe we’ll fall in love with you and have you post over and over and showering you with untold riches (gross hyperbole, we aren’t generating revenue…yet anyways).

If you’re an excellent writer and want us to provide you with a specific topic that falls into your wheelhouse, SUPER!  We have a list or ideas and topics so long it would make Santa blush.

What type of content we’re focused on:

  1. Business ideas and resources – Creating, validating, researching. Anything to do with the idea process we’re all over. Types, verticals, monetization models. When to invest, when to cut bait.
  2. All things entrepreneurial – setting up the business, social media strategy, rookie mistakes, solving problems, risks, challenges. The business side, marketing, projects, productivity.
  3. How-to’s – ex. How to get funding for your new business venture.

Interested?  Reach out:

What we’ll need when your submission is approved:

This is what we’ll need from you after we’ve approved your contribution (if you have it, none are requirements but we want to ensure you get the credit):

  1. An icon / logo for your business so we can give you credit at the bottom.
  2. Page you want us to link back to (assuming your main domain)
  3. A description of your company which will be included in the post
  4. Another banner or icon if you have one, happy to include a banner link back to you as well
  5. After we’ve received, reviewed scheduled the post for publishing we’d love to send you out a geeky toy.  If you’re interested and have an address you’d like us to ship it to please include it.
  6. Your twitter / social handle(s) (so we can also shout out to the audience)

Thanks in advance, look forward to hearing from you!