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Green Business – save money and the environment.  Go Green for 2015!

Today, our world is in more peril then it was ever before. It is exactly for this reason that we need to leave our petty differences aside and work together towards its salvation. Large corporations and public international resolutions and decrees play their role in this constant struggle, but there is another, more complex battlefield for the preservation of mother earth that exists today. This battlefield is individual and local one and is as important as the one aforementioned.

Before any major changes can happen, the first and the most important change that needs to take place is within ourselves alone. We must change our harmful everyday habits, no matter how important they are to us and start our long and weary journey towards the rejuvenation of our home planet. In order to start this crucial global change by influencing our way of doing things locally, why not start off your 2015 business as a clean and Eco-friendly one. Here are some ideas.

Deal with the energy issue

First of all, regardless of what kind of business you are into, energy is one of its most significant aspects of it both practically and financially. So why leave out on the opportunity to help both your planet and your business at the same time. There are two ways in which you can improve the energetic situation of your business and they are both equally important.

First way is saving energy. As simple as it sounds. Remove your regular light bulbs with LED ones and switch from high to low-energy consuming office appliances. In this way, you will not only save the environment but also save substantial amounts of money for both you and your company in the long run. You can also invest a bit in isolation of your business’ premises and in this way reduce the waste of heat, which will sub sequentially inevitably lead towards the reduction in your energy spending.

The other way to improve the relationship of your business towards the local and global energy situation is to try and switch to some of the more alternative and renewable sources of energy. In this way, you will not only improve your business but also make some real difference. Install couple of solar panels and just let the nature take its course. In no time, you will resolve your energetic situation in an innovative and effective way, while protecting your home planet at the same time.

Switch to Eco-friendly resources

If you are in the production or construction business, there is probably no better way for you to save the planet, than to resort to the use of many Eco-friendly material solutions that exist out there. Always try to use the supply of the material that exists in abundance locally. That you can reduce the pollution and the cost of the transportation or go for the materials that have great reusability. One of these ideas is using shipping containers as a construction material.

As it is a fact that there are 17 million shipping containers out there in the world, this means that in order to build a home out of containers no new limited resources need to be exploited. A win-win scenario. Many shipping container providers agree that another great thing about these containers apart from being a perfect construction material, you can make them completely customised to your needs. Furthermore, these containers have over and over again proved to be a highly adjustable, modifiable and extremely durable both as a construction material and as a temporary and permanent housing solution.

Recycle, recycle, and recycle again

The golden rule, and the most important word in the very process of the rejuvenation of earth is definitely represented in the notion of recycling. There is nothing more important than using all the available resources that we have in the best possible way. Utilizing our resources. So try to keep your business literally as much off the paper as possible. Use digital form whenever you can, and if you absolutely must use paper in any given situation, make sure to use recycled one. The recycling technology had advanced so much that most people can’t even tell the difference between the regular paper and the recycled one.

Another thing that could use your undivided attention on this subject is the choice of packaging material of your goods. Make sure to use PCW (post-consumer waste), in your packaging material since it is a widely known fact that it takes 45% less energy to produce them. It may not seem as much, but it can make all the difference.

Green up your daily commute

Encourage your employees to green up their daily commute. Instead of their regular daily travel by car, they could join up and carpool or use a public transportation and in that way, not only socialize with the world around them more but also help both the environment and their budget with a single blow. Another great idea lies in encouraging them to walk or ride a bicycle to work, if it is an option. This idea, apart from having a positive effect on the planet also reflects greatly on their general health.

Green office maintenance

It is always important to keep your office clean, but at what cost. Luckily for you, there is no need to choose between these two directions, since there are many biodegradable cleaning products that are as effective as the regular ones, with little or no difference in price. This is a wise and noble choice for any business owner who is genuinely concerned about the environment and the long term health of his or her employees at the same time.

Our planet needs us and in order to save it, no step is so small that it is not worth taking. Earth is our mother, and it had always taken good care of us. Now we owe her that we return some of that love and care back, but in order to do so successfully, everyone needs to do their part. Everyone needs to pull their own weight.

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