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Geeky Tasks helps you navigate the hella fast evolving world of technology, making all of your physical and virtual decisions and purchases simple!

Conquering the infamous flashing ’12:00’ on the VCR for the first time made us feel like technological titans.  What’s next?  BRING IT ON!  Over the past few years, well, it’s been brought both in the physical and virtual realms.  Specific to the consumer market a few notables are; Smartphones, Smart watches and other wearables like Fitbits, Smart Appliances, Smart Meters, Home Automation, 4k TVs, electric vehicles, Social Media, DSLR / Mirror-less cameras, Wifi everywhere, Bluetooth in my car!, NAS, Anti Virus, backups, security and every complicated privacy concerns, drones, tablets, touchscreen computers, 3D printers, a litany of Website, OSs, software and app choices that make us weak in the knees…need we go on?  This only covers a few of the innovative happenings in consumer market, not even scratching the surface of breakthroughs being made in the areas of health, science, space exploration, or more importantly what’s releasing tomorrow or the next day to consumers (ex. Driverless cars, Google Glasses, etc.).

The world is getting smaller and simpler, but more complex.  The paradox of our time.  There’s just so much out there, so many technological marvels that are neat, cool, even functional saving us time – we want it all now.  With the pace of innovation moving faster every day most of us struggle to stay on top of it all.  Not a day goes by without being asked or overhearing “how do I set this up, have you heard about, this is really confusing, no one will help me setup / configure my widget, how does this work, what should I buy, I can’t believe I didn’t know this exists, I can’t live without it, this will change everything!”

Many want, even try to keep up but most simply can’t.  They need to be hand held.  People need to be shown step by step and there’s typically apprehension from family or friends to sit down and try to explain, recommend, walkthrough, setup or fix a botched attempt at staying current.

In a bid to keep up with the Jones’, or rather to simply remain aware and in touch with the world around us there are a few limiting factors:

  1. We don’t know what new technologies / gadgets / software / services exist.
  2. We don’t understand them.
  3. Once we know it exists and understand and decide we can’t live without it what are my choices?
  4. Where do I find it?
  5. Am I getting a good deal?
  6. How am I going to get this setup / configured?
  7. What do I do or where do I go when I inevitably mess something up while mucking around?

It’s a scary but exciting time!  Seems the only ones that are on top of this are the Geeks.  I shouldn’t have made fun of them in high school.  If only I could reach out for product recommendations, education, setup of devices, and any other geek related missions I have.

Geek required?  Score!  Geeky Tasks at your service, helping you navigate the rough terrains of the quickly evolving and complicated world of technology.

Business Model

You are the master of the universe!  Well, the geekdom universe anyways.  Geeky Tasks helps customers with everything from educating people on what’s available, through the decision making process to purchase, to support of existing or new ‘gadgets’, to delivery, setup / configuration of hardware / software, to support and education of any physical or virtual technology / service, to any other arena where the barrier of entry for a technophobe, or better defined a techno-uninformed, is high.  You are a one stop shop for any Geeky Task.

Your model can serve either the Business or the Individual space, or better yet both!

A few areas of focus are:


There are new products being released everyday.  Your job is to help educate the customer on what’s out there (high level product), what their choices are (down to the specifics of a brand or device), make recommendations based on their needs and can even make the purchase on their behalf (hopefully leveraging monetiz-able relationships along the way).

A few example products may include:

  1. Smartphones
  2. Home Security – Cameras, Biometric / Bluetooth locks
  3. Wearable devices
  4. Home Automation devices – Smart meters, turn lights off and on automatically, control temperature
  5. TVs – from conventional to projector, 4k and beyond
  6. PVRs
  7. Cameras – DSLR, Mirrorless, Hero
  8. Computer / laptop / tablets and associated peripherals ex. Printers, NAS
  9. Home Theatre
  10. Smart Appliances
  11. Portable Audio
  12. GPS
  13. Gaming platforms – A gaming platform isn’t just a gaming platform anymore, it’s a BlueRay player, Media Streamer and comes jam packed with other connected services
  14. Network / Internet related devices ex. Router, even the best Internet service based on their needs and cost
  15. Electric Vehicles – This is a big one, understanding how to setup a charge station, how far they can go, where other charge stations are, maintenance etc. are critical to an informed purchase
  16. Drones and other recreational devices
  17. Streaming devices ex. Apple TV
  18. E-Readers


Support can cover anything from a physical product, to software to a third party service assistance.  See ‘Monetization’ for a breakdown of support models.

Some support questions you may answer:

  1. What apps do I need on my phone?
  2. How do I get my media off of a device?
  3. What’s the best way to share pictures and video?
  4. My browser just crashed / I wanted to optimize my browsing experience
  5. My computer stopped responding, how do I fix it?
  6. What’s this whole Social Media thing about – how do I get step and who am I sharing with?

There can range from general educational questions to Uh-Oh there’s something wrong and I need you to help me figure it out / fix it.  You are their personal Geek – forums are confusing, many companies provide lacklustre support with long hold times / turn around ticket times and going in alone almost always leads to disaster.  You’re local, trusted, within reach and on call in the event they need an immediate onsite.


Services can range from general consulting to the installation / setup / configuration and ongoing maintenance of products or third party services. 

A few examples of services may include:

  1. Setup of Social Media Accounts and education
  2. SmartPhone setup, App selection and training
  3. Home Automation installation, configuration and marrying the controls to a device(s)
  4. Connecting multiple devices or services together for a streamlined process / external sharing – Ex. iCloud setup to multiple devices, making my NAS available to others while maintaining security, Configuring a universal remote, etc.
  5. Any general consulting, recommendations, comparisons and need analysis or a custom customer project (ex. I want a full home theatre setup that allows me to stream media from multiple smart devices – what TV, streaming devices and audio equipment is the best fit, and how the heck do I use it?!)


There are services that support some areas of the business model mentioned above, however they are typically fragmented / niche (focus on a few key areas), don’t covered the breadth of product, support and services, and they aren’t impartial.  You’re stuck with big box recommendations (what they have in stock), prices and are at the mercy of their schedule.

A few thoughts on ways to monetize to get you started:

  1. Product / Service / Configuration / Setup Support – Charge a per instance fee or a monthly recurring fee!
    1. Email support
    2. Online chat / Screen Share support
    3. Phone / Skype support
  2. Onsite Support / Education / Training – Ex. Smartphone setup, Internet navigation, Email configuration and best practices
  3. Onsite Setup / Installation of services or devices
  4. Offer paid, theme based classes – ex. How to effectively use and manage your Smart Phone, How to use XYZ to get ahead
  5. Online reviews of products – Gain exposure, traffic and build a brand with review of different devices you may be recommending, purchasing and installing for a customer.  Throw tips, best practices and ‘hacks’ into the mix for services, software and Apps.  Monetize via Ads or sponsors.
  6. Affiliate (or direct) – Don’t limit yourself to technology purchases, setup and installations, also explore logos, Web Design, Store Setup, Hosting – ANYTHING considered Geeky!
  7. Markup of devices – With your connections you’ve got access to the best deals in town.  Similar to a mechanic you can charge a slight markup on the ‘part’.
  8. Installation / Setup / Configuration – This may be a standalone service if the customer has purchased an item on their own, or it may be in addition to the purchase of the product itself.

Get your pocket protector, glasses, suspenders, starched white collared shirt and cute little bow-tie ready – Geeky Tasks await!


Build the brand

Need the perfect domain for this business idea?  What about:


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Build an awesome local or global brand.  Love the brand name but have a twist on what to offer or how to execute – awesome!

It’s available, if interested please reach out to domains@feedmeideas.com, our contact page, drop us a line on Twitter @ideapassion, or find us on Facebook – Facebook.com/FeedMeIdeas

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