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Schedule it, automate it, make it come to you!  Forget the tedious, monotonous tasks & get back to life – Fully Automate!

We’re in an age of technological and service marvels.  Productivity boosting, time saving, innovative and revolutionary developments that we wouldn’t have even dreamed of a few years ago.

We’re also in a time where everyone seems to be beyond busy, rushed, stressed / anxious, days seem shorter and we get less and less done.  At least that’s the way it seems – it’s not always that we’re getting less done, it’s that we take on more because we feel we can. 

As the list of problem solving and time saving technologies / services grows, so does the list of time burners – PVRs, on-demand streaming, digital devices, productivity ‘Crushing’ game apps.  The paradox of our generation – make everyday life easier with technology and save time so you can be busier.  Slow down and hurry up.

We should be spending more time enjoying our lives and less time bogged down with minutia, tedious, monotonous tasks. 

The problem is in most cases consumers-zombies only leverage the distraction side of technology by burying their heads deep in their phones crushing game levels, binge streaming on-demand, fiddling with fancy gadgets that hit the ‘old news’ pile every few months when a new one gets released.

As we introduce family, friends, consumers to new technologies and services that are productive, smart, time saving and efficient we generally get the same reaction every time – wonderment and awe.  “Why didn’t I know about this?  It’s going to change my life!”

We need to restore balance.  Nobody likes change but everyone loves better.

Fully Automate, harnessing the power of new-age technology and services for the power of good!  Schedule it, automate it, make it come to you!

Business Model

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help expose late adopters and ‘bursting at the seams’ customers to technologies and services that will help automate their lives, awakening them from their caveman slumber bringing them up to speed in a productive way. 

Fully Automate acts as a time saving, productivity boosting, life restoring catalyst by leveraging technologies, services and personalized recommendations based on the user’s individual profile.

You’ll tackle saving time and automating the most basics jobs while having a strategy to tackle those life tasks that are not so easily automated.  Schedule it, automate it.  Find technologies or services that can replace tedious tasks.  It’s a blend of technology and services (free or paid), coupled with seemingly common sense approaches and tools that the average consumer isn’t aware of.

You can also help customers who aren’t necessarily looking to automate, rather just go ‘digital’ by leveraging the latest technologies in every aspect of life – we’ve included thoughts on technologies / services for these types of gadget and technophiles below.

There are several plug-and-play business and monetization models.  Let’s explore a few to get you started:

Personalized Planning

Take an inventory of a month in the life of a customer.  Find out where they feel their biggest time sinkholes are.  Ask what would make their lives easier.  Find out what they would like to automate.  Cover small, seemingly insignificant gains (take care of the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves) then work your way towards tackling the larger tasks.

Go through a checklist of items that they may (or may not) mention and focus on those, create a plan and produce a ‘we’ve just automated your life and saved you X amount a day, month or year’.

A few examples of life tasks automation to get you started:

  1. Bill payment habits – Wherever possible switch over to automatic, preauthorized billing.  Credit cards, cable, Internet, phone, tolls, insurance, everything!  No need to remember specific days scattered across the calendar and login or visit the bank to manually pay them.  Never forget to pay!
  2. Go paperless – Coupled with bill payment above, go paperless!  Cut down on the volume of mail you have to comb thorough and aggregate a single point of access for all digital invoices / receipts.  Never lose another bill!
  3. Usage based notifications – Setup auto notifications for Internet, Phone, and other consumption based services.  Avoid having to login to check how much ‘room’ you have left before the next billing cycle, get push notifications when limits are being approached!
  4. Assuming they have a SmartPhone, take an App Inventory – Organize App position on the phone based on frequency of usage, deleted seldom / never used apps (noise), find overlapping apps, apps that integrate with other services that would compliment each other.  Add on Apps that fit their profile – one touch service ordering, reminder services, anything to cover their specific needs.  Setup automated tasks and push notifications.  If they do not have a SmartPhone and it’s a fit, make the recommendation!
  5. Taxes – The overwhelming majority of people have straightforward taxes, a few boxes that need to be ‘penciled’ in.  Forget about paper.  Get a free tax program (there are plenty out there) and drop in the numbers yourself.  Setup refund payments to be deposited automatically to your account or payments to be auto-withdrawled (here’s to hoping you get a refund this year!).  *Disclaimer – This may not be a fit for everyone, especially if it’s not a simple statement of income, if there are properties, joint returns, investments, businesses, etc.  Gauge the comfort of your customer.
  6. Work – Between commuting, how you handle email, schedule time and every other nook and cranny there are tremendous ways to better manage, digitize and automate many aspects associated with work.
  7. Shopping – Go online, for everything!  Automate grocery delivery, order clothes, gifts and any other items online.  Save time spent in the mall, last minute shopping, headaches, commuting, gas costs, finding a spot, etc.

A few examples of in home automation areas to cover:

  1. Cooking / Meal Prep – Set the crock pot and forget it, have groceries delivered or leverage a service like Meal Concierge!
  2. Cleaning – Device that crawls through your home such as a Roomba or suggest services like Kitchen Helper!
  3. Water Monitoring / Control – Real time monitoring of consumption.  Also imagine being able to control filling the sink, bathtub or running the water from a remote location so the pipes won’t freeze during the winter.  Ok, so this last few thoughts here are a little ways out, but it doesn’t hurt to dream!
  4. Electricity Monitoring
  5. Remote home / in home digital access – Control lights, cameras, audio devices, be wired and be one with your home.  Schedule, control remotely or while in home via SmartPhone.
  6. Auto controlled heating / cooling – Set daily schedules, times and temperatures in home or via App as your schedule or season dictates.
  7. Biometric finger scanning for door locks / App Controlled – Who needs keys?  When you’re in proximity your door will open itself or use your print to ‘open sesame’!

A few examples of digital habit spaces to cover:

  1. Aggregation services – Instead of going out in search of news and visiting multiple sites, aggregate via RSS feeds, Google Alerts, even sites like Reddit that personalize your experience, presenting you with everything important to you all in one easy to access area.
  2. Browser optimization / Bookmarks – Small things like setting a homepage, launch pad area that keeps most frequently visited sites readily clickable, add frequented sites to your one click bookmarks bar, etc.
  3. Email filtering – Spam filtering to person or keyword filtering, dropping Emails into appropriate ‘buckets’ where you select their level of urgency and priority at which they’re reviewed.
  4. Auto texting in do not disturb mode – Ex. Set an auto message to ‘Call me after 6:00 p.m.’  Automate the reply process, same time reviewing messages!
  5. Shortcuts – An often overlooked gold mine, shortcuts can be a HUGE time saver.  Start with copy and paste and work your way from there!
  6. Proximity based reminders – Not every single task in life can be automated.  There are things we *need* to do.  Geo location reminders can remind you when you’re in close proximity of a stop you should make based on common tasks / stores you visit.

Additional services you can offer / contract out

  1. Sale / Setup of backup drives, computer maintenance scheduling
  2. Sale / Installation of Smart Meters – Water, Electricity consumption
  3. Sale / Installation of Smart home devices – Digitally controlled / scheduled lights, time limiters on devices for kids
  4. Sale / Installation of Biometric / Bluetooth Locks
  5. Offer similar services such as Free Time Me
  6. Sale / Setup of home voice activation
  7. Sale / Setup of home automation – ex. motion sensors turn on lights in rooms of the home during specific time periods
  8. Personal assistant services – Provide support for tasks a customer wants to offload; running errands, shopping, delivery, etc.
  9. Meal prep / delivery services such as Meal Concierge
  10. Laundry / delivery / meal prep, groceries and cleaning such as Kitchen Helper
  11. Automatically scheduled services such as Car Winterizer
  12. Other scheduled seasonal services such as lawn maintenance, snow removal, or leaf removal (The Fall Guy)

For what we can’t automate

We can’t automate or digitize every task, but we can set reminders for things such as  (both scheduled and geo-location based) – see NotePoke.com for this type of service:

  1. Car maintenance
  2. Furnace filter replacement
  3. Carbon Monoxide detector / Fire Alarm / Extinguisher checkup or replacement
  4. Immunizations / Doctor Physicals
  5. Passport / License renewals
  6. Distant appointments / meetings


There are several conventional and innovative approaches to generating revenue.  We’ll start you off with a few:

  1. Personalized Planning / Consulting
  2. Offer other services that compliment your recommendations as mentioned above – ex. Meal ConciergeKitchen HelperCar Winterizer
  3. Affiliate / referral – For those services that you do not offer but recommend investigate affiliate programs / referral perks
  4. Ebooks – Quick guides automating your life in different areas, cool new services, free, paid or incentive as a paying customers with regular updates
  5. Sales of digital hardware – ex. Biometric door locks, smart home devices
  6. Installation / Setup services – ex. Backup drives, smart meters
  7. App – Can aggregate any or all of the above mentioned business model products / services.  Charge a set fee, a la carte or a recurring membership fee

Unfortunately you cannot Fully Automate the execution of this idea – time to roll up your sleeves and get to work!


Build the brand

Need the perfect domain for this business idea?  What about:


and / or

NOTEPOKE.COM – for reminders / what cannot be automated

Comes complete with the Twitter handle @fullyautomate!

Build an awesome local or global brand.  Love the brand name but have a twist on what to offer or how to execute – awesome!

It’s available, if interested please reach out to domains@feedmeideas.com, our contact page, drop us a line on Twitter @ideapassion, or find us on Facebook – Facebook.com/FeedMeIdeas

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