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Not everyone is born with the ‘Entrepreneur Gene’. While you may want to be your own boss it isn’t always that simple – ‘want to’ and ‘executing’ are worlds apart. You know deep down that you want to start your own business but may fear that you lack experience, have been indoctrinated with the 9-5 worker mentality, don’t know where to start, are afraid of leaving the security of a steady pay check, aren’t sure how to get funded or another one of the laundry list of reasons why the ‘I want to!’ never makes it to ‘I did it!’.We want to ensure that instead of waking up saying ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ or ‘I’ll try again next week’, which more often than not turns in to never, that we’ll instill the confidence you’ll need to take that first step.

We’ll arm you with critical thinking, fictitious scenarios and processes that will become real as you develop your own business ideas, validate and eventually execute on them. It’s easier to make decisions with fictitious money and businesses, even easier to make the tough decisions that may be difficult if you’re emotionally invested in a project.

This will help teach you to be objective, share experiences of other businesses, and apply key learnings to future endeavours.

This guide will also take you on a journey of self discovery and helps you structure the business the right way according to your strengths and working habits along with a variety of other qualities you may be surprised you possess!

We’re on a mission to open your mind, get you thinking like an Entrepreneur and laying the foundation that will allow you to be successful and actionable right now.

By working through these exercises you may even come up with a fantastic business idea right for YOU! At the very least you’ll emerge thinking like an Entrepreneur, recognizing opportunity at every turn, and will be able to add structure to the way you approach business, objectivity, risk / challenge analysis along with everything else that comes with starting and managing your own business.

Let’s start with a few basic exercises to limber up!

Personal Experience

Think about the last good experience you’ve had with a business.  It could be a purchase, customer service interaction or any other type of engagement.  What made it good or even great?  How did you feel as a customer?  Was any follow up action taken – left a review, purchased another product, shared your experience with others?

Problem Solving


Your competitor has entered the market with a near identical product that cost less. 

  1. What is your first reaction / instinct / move?
  2. What do you need to know prior to addressing the situation?
  3. How do you address the issue or is it an issue?
  4. Consider this is the context of a a generic widget business.
  5. Now think of actual businesses that compete on a daily basis.  What would you do?  What would / did they do?
  6. What are the pros and cons to each strategic move?
  7. How might the move be countered?


This is a free thinking exercise, there are no right or wrong answers.  We’re simply looking to gather as much information as we can to form thoughts,  opinions, impressions and what we’re able to learn, glean and understand based on what we’re offered in a still snapshot of the ‘moment’.

We’re not trying to ‘Find Waldo’ / micro analyze every detail of the picture – we can keep it high level however there may be some significance to micro accents or subtle observations.


Want more?

This exciting 50 page exercise book will help train your brain to think like an Entrepreneur!

Below is the high level overview of some of the types of exercises we cover:

  1. Free thinking exercises – get limbered up with exercises based on recent experiences you’ve had with businesses
  2. Choose your own adventure – Select from numerous verticals and business types and work from the ideation process all the way through to execution and beyond!  There are multiple sections including a laundry list of questions to get you thinking about how to structure the business, pitfalls, how to raise capital, market the business among many more!
  3. Failed businesses – The grim reality is that most small businesses fail.  In this section we examine why and explore ways to help proactively identify trends, pitfalls, how to avoid common mistakes and help equip you with strategic and objective thinking for the greatest chance of success!
  4. If you build it will they come? – We want to turn you into an idea machine, able to recognize opportunity everywhere you look.  We explore where ideas come from, what may best align with you based on your qualities, experience and working style, in addition to heavy emphasis on validation.
  5. Build the business – In this section we explore atypical types of businesses to bring out your inner creativity.  We include a full write up on over 20 businesses, putting you in the drivers seat to determine how you would validate, structure the business model, plan, monetize, raise capital, select systems / software, market and launch the business.
  6. Problem solving – As an Entrepreneur problem solving is an integral part of your arsenal.  We provide multiple situations both fictional and real world to see how you would handle it!
  7. Perception – An open, creative exercise focused on first impressions and assumptions based on a series of images.
  8. Real World Exercises – It’s not all about sitting behind a book or PDF, it’s time to venture out into the world and observe real businesses in action!  We include a lengthy list of questions, observations and exercises as an opportunity for you to hone your craft!
  9. Situational – We provide a specific situation, you determine the outcome!  We touch on scenarios from key functional areas you’ll encounter when you launch your own business!
  10. Role Playing – Testing your ad-lib IQ for unexpected situations.  We provide tips in addition to several scenarios you can work on with a partner to further develop your ability to think on your feet and make the best decision possible while under pressure.
  11. On the Fly Anywhere Exercises – Similar to Real World Exercises, we take what we’ve learned and apply it in the real world.  These exercises can be used anytime, anywhere to help keep your newly developed Entrepreneurial muscle in tip top shape!


We’re about to set the auto-pilot switch to OFF! Ready? Let’s start!

Entrepreneur Exercises

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