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Driving Tracker – Safer Driving Starts Here.

Lending your car to your newly licensed teenager?  Loaning your car to a friend?  Have a business with a single or multiple drivers?  Want to measure your own driving habits to optimize fuel consumption, wear and tear on your brakes / transmission, and overall safety.

Your number one concern should be safety – the safety of the individuals behind the wheel, and those in their path, be it other cars or pedestrians alike.  Teaching good driving skills while at the same time monitoring those driving habits over time will help ensure you have a responsible, practiced individual behind the wheel.

The car may come back to you in one piece, but do you really know how it’s been driven?  Have signals been used, is the driver impaired, are they speeding, accelerating too fast, stopping too quickly or not fast enough, driving erratically, not paying attention, along with a slew of other potentially dangerous driving habits behind the wheel.  Are there habits that we can proactively identify and correct to help reduce the risk of a serious collision?

Add on that you want to know where said driver is now and where they were.  After all, it is your vehicle, your child, your employee, it’s in your best interest be informed.

Insurance companies have implemented an opt-in service that monitors driving habits in exchange for the possibility of a reduction in insurance.  Why not make this type of technology available to individuals, with a few twists better cater to the consumer market rather than big business treated their customers as a number.

I wish this type of monitoring was available to me, my family, my business.

Business Model

Introducing Driving Tracker – monitoring driving habits in real time while providing detailed reports, feedback, recommendations all coupled with safety features that will ensure the driver in question is responsible enough to operate said vehicle.

Tracking can be made available to both the driver and a third party such as a parent or a business owner.

Driving Tracker can offer up a plethora of advanced features for a fraction of the cost of traditional commercial applications, designed to be user friendly and available to both the consumer and commercial markets.  We’ll start you off with a few features that may be a good fit:

  1. Accelerating
  2. Stopping – not only how fast or slow the individual is stopping, but also how long they remain idle at a specific location.
  3. Swerving / lane changes – Ensure it’s gradual rather than aggressive.
  4. Speed tracking by road / route
  5. Phone Calls / Texting – The ability to monitor or prohibit calls, text messages or any other form of Smartphone usage (ex. Email, Games, etc.) while driving
  6. Set Geo Fences / arrival points for special alerts
  7. Signalling – may be coupled with a device that marries turn signal usage with turning
  8. Blind Spot / Mirror usage – may be coupled with a device that tracks eye / head movement with lane changes
  9. Decibel level in car – Monitor for loud music or conversation which may be a distraction
  10. Breathalyzer – Impromptu screening for alcohol (devices are available, also refer to monetization model)
  11. Analytics dashboard – Easy to interpret summary after each drive in addition to aggregation that can monitor improvement and status over time.
  12. Recommendations for improving driving habits – Tips after each ride for continuous improvement.  Grade the driver, provide real time feedback / tips after each drive and scoring.  Gamify the experience!

Think about including push notifications should certain criteria be (or not be) met.  Also give thought to habits that may not be easy to monitor solely based on the app – it may be helpful to provide reminders and recommendations after the drive.

The App can be positioned as an ongoing tracker in addition to a precursor prior to using an insurance company’s plug in device / app.  If you could prepare a user to receive a substantial insurance discount year over year for pennies on the dollar it would be incredible ROI!  Another great sales pitch is knowing where your ‘precious cargo’ is and when they arrive at their destination.

Don’t stop at cars / pickups – it can also be position for ATVs, boats, buses, taxis, etc.  Also give thought to possibilities in the future as phones and vehicles become more closely integrated – automatically pair and set max volume, decline any calls other than specific urgent numbers when at speed, provide voice commands if immediate dangerous actions should be corrected.


 Some insurance companies offer a plug-in chip to your ECU – this doesn’t do you much good, it’s really only intended to have the insurance company monitor your driving ‘in-secret’ for several months prior to you getting a summary as to whether or not you’re going to save any money.

Other insurance companies offer an app – it’s invasive, there is no guarantee of an insurance reduction (and in fact may red flag you with your insurance company), doesn’t have the breadth of options we’ve discussed above and is 1:1 with the driver versus being able to have full time monitoring.

There are a few Apps available that have mediocre tracking with archaic UIs.  They lack the safety features we’ve mentioned above, have granular raw data but no analytics dashboard to summarize the habits / effectiveness / safety of the driver, rely on user initiated tracking (what happens if you conveniently forget?) and typically have a business-on-a-budget centric focus.

Commercial grade GPS tracking that is available but it’s just that – commercial grade.  It’s complicated to use, expensive, requires installation and isn’t intended to serve the consumer market.

Lines of business

There are a number of different lines of business possible / ways it can be positioned, marketed and the verticals / markets it can serve:

  1. Individuals – ex. Parents who want to monitor Teen driving to manage and correct unsafe habits in addition to increasing safety on the road and determining if driving is a responsibility they are prepared for
  2. Commercial applications for driving schools (car and truck)
  3. Expand to other driving schools – defensive driving classes, track driving, inclement weather training for Emergency Services Personnel
  4. Driving test locations (ex. constantly monitor speed in car without looking over)
  5. Taxi Cab companies – Don’t just give advice on driving, be factual and provide a take away that will help the customer pass the test and operate the vehicle as safely as possible
  6. Rental vehicle businesses – Offer discounts or simply monitor for unsafe driving and excessive wear and tear on the vehicle which may have positive or negative financial implications

Monetization Model

There are several ways to position and monetize the service, mainly dependant on the market(s) you decide to serve.  Best of all you have an incredible opportunity to generate passive income!  Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Download Fee
  2. Freemium model – pay to unlock additional features
  3. Ads – (only for the person monitoring or after a trip is complete)
  4. Sponsorship – Local driving schools, insurance, gas station promos, etc
  5. Affiliate / referral – offer deals or discounts on target activities, groups, products or services that align well
  6. Monthly / Yearly Membership fee
  7. Contract based one time / recurring / maintenance for commercial accounts
  8. There may be additional devices – ones that measure in car activity (ex. signal usage, monitor eye position to check for safe lane changes, etc.

This sure fire hit will have you tracking more then just driving habits – a healthy bottom line first quarter profit!


Build the brand

Need the perfect domain for this business idea?  What about:


Comes complete with the Twitter handle @drivingtracker!

Build an awesome local or global brand.  Love the brand name but have a twist on what to offer or how to execute – awesome!

It’s available, if interested please reach out to domains@feedmeideas.com, our contact page, drop us a line on Twitter @ideapassion, or find us on Facebook – Facebook.com/FeedMeIdeas

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