Website Design, Hosting, Domain Registration, Logos and more!

Feed Me Ideas has launched Website Design Services! We're pleased to announce the launch of new services!  Services include but are not limited to: Logo and Graphic Design Logos Custom Graphics Print Design Business Cards Flyers Image Editing Anything Graphic / [...]

Feed Me Ideas is up for sale! Premium Domains / Brands, Ebooks, Ideas and more! and all associated assets, domains and content is up for grabs! We’ll break down what this includes in sections below, however as a high level summary: Main Web Presence / Social Media Assets Ebooks (available on our site and Amazon Kindle) Premium Ideas Biz-In-a-Box Domains - 36 Awesome domains with huge brand potential [...]

Curated Content, Biz-In-A-Box, Resources, Services, Premium Ideas, Ebooks, and more!

We're excited to announce the release of new services! Over the past few weeks we've made some major updates, here's what's been going on! Biz-In-A-Box We give you the idea, outline a business plan, monetization models and work with you every step of the way to bring the business to life! Each [...]

Paid Curated Content – Seeking Contributors!

Paid curated content - great exposure for your brand and passive revenue stream! Have incredible ideas, resources, content, courses, Ebooks or otherwise geared towards Startups / Entrepreneurs?  Want to pitch us an idea? We'll feature your content in our Shop, driving a healthy dose of targeted traffic each monthly through our subscriber base, marketing [...]

Guest Contributors Wanted

Guest Contributors Wanted!  Authors, Bloggers, Aspiring and Current Entrepreneurs! Please also review our Curated Content offering if you're looking to generate passive income! We want to extend the opportunity to contribute to community; ideas, articles, how-to's, videos, anything!  Don’t want to contribute but have an idea, topic you would like us to cover or [...]

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Announcement – Feed Me Ideas Launch!

Official launch October 1st 2014!  We're excited! Our mission is simple - provide free, original and creative business ideas to aspiring and savvy entrepreneurs alike.  We want to inspire and motivate you, and help you find your new business. Our team couldn't be happier, collectively we have helped thousands of individuals and businesses alike generate, validate [...]

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I need an idea!

"What should I do? I need a business idea!" "I have an idea but don't know where to start!" "I have X amount of capital, what business should I start?" "I need XYZ resource but I'm having trouble finding it" The list goes on. We hear it all the time, whether you're grinding out a 9-5, have a great idea but aren't sure of the next step or simply need a change of pace and want to work for yourself. Our hope is that we provide you with ideas and resources that inspire, motivate and move you to the next step. We want you to be successful and happy - it's in you, let's find it!