Candy Crush-ed – Time burners, it’s time to let them go

//Candy Crush-ed – Time burners, it’s time to let them go

Candy Crush-ed – Time burners, it’s time to let them go

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Put your phone down! Just for a minute, don’t panic.  We’re about to give you your life back.  Candy Crushed.

Fun – Yes.  Biggest time burner ever?  Most certainly.  It’s not just Candy Crush or Clash of Clans – game apps, trivial social channels, any time burner for that matter, pick your poison.  They serve as a distraction that keep us from bettering ourselves.  Moreover they are turning us into crack-app zombies hooked for the next upgrade, level unlock, badge, like from our friends or validation from strangers.  We have enough trouble communicating having a phone sitting next to me with email, text messages and various other alerts. Now we have people giving us extra moves, asking for them, castle walls that need to be reinforced, virtual pets that need to be fed, being checked in to places we aren’t even at.  Oh the monotony, enough!

By the time you have two to three of these time burners you begin to realize it becomes very much a chore and takes up several hours of your day.  I feel committed to carrying it through to the end, but there is no end. Every time I approach boredom and inch closer deleting an app forever, a new update gets released with promise of a new shiny future.

Moderation is key however with the growing fusion of mobile to human, detaching ourselves and returning to the real world proves difficult.  Our mobile devices are now an extension of us, virtually considered a necessity to function.  Apps have slowly snuck up on us and have become as important as email and text messages.

Exercise: Sit down and tally up how much time you spend on your phone / computer per day. I would wager that it’s been adding up year over year.  With a finite amount of time in your day I’ll hazard a guess that it will soon become unmanageable / unrealistic to keep up with every day.  Anxiety, stress, feeling like you’re missing something.  We think about it constantly, start to sleep less and it’s typically the first thing people reach for to start their morning.

Now ask yourself – what did I do before my mobile devices monopolized my life?  Socialized more, read a book, worked harder, had a stimulating conversation with friends without Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Candy Crush interrupting, came up with brilliant actionable ideas for our business.  Maybe you were especially boring before and this has been a lifeline – no matter, carry on.  For the rest of us – understand your usage, think about what you’re accomplishing and how else you could be spending your time.

Don’t get me wrong, apps can serve to aggregate a great deal of information and even make life easier. They can serve as a distraction when we need to decompress.  The key is making conscious self-aware decisions around our usage and our connection to the real rather than the digital world.

Challenge: Think of app you have on your phone right now that feels like a daily chore, or one that is clearly a time burner.  Pick up your phone.  Don’t hesitate, DELETE IT*!

(*Don’t panic, you can always get the app back however be wary if your data isn’t saved locally or in the cloud.  We wouldn’t want you to start rebuilding your castle walls from scratch, or going on a candy binge pestering friends for lives so you can get right back up to that level you’ve been stuck on for the past few months anyways.)

Let us know how you made out, how you feel about it and if (or how long) you were about to hold out!

P.S. It’s been about five minutes since I deleted three major time burner apps off of my phone – I’d be embarrassed to say which ones!  The shakes have not yet set in, phew!  I have no plans on reinstalling them. I’ll venture a guess that this will give me back just about two hours a day.  What will I do with this cash cow of extra time? Stay tuned!

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  1. Ankur Agrawal November 10, 2014 at 6:03 pm - Reply

    Hello sir/madam,

    I loved the post. It truly relates to me. There is one app you mentioned i.e. clash of clans this game made me addicted and was sucking time out of my life. But recently I’ve taken some steps. I’ve uninstalled this game 6 days ago and this is the longest time I’m away from this game and I feel proud about it. I hope I would stay away from that forever

    I liked this website/blog very much and I promise you, I will go through all the posts here and will comment on them. Also I am looking for a good niche for my blog, I am not passionate about my current niche (technology) and I would be glad if you can help me in some way.

    Again, I loved reading articles here but I would appreciate if the fonts are a little larger, because I face little trouble reading.

    Thank you… 🙂

    • Feed Me Ideas November 10, 2014 at 6:21 pm - Reply

      Excellent, glad you enjoyed it and congrats on getting rid of a time burner, hope you’ve gotten through the withdrawal shakes ok! If you calculate the amount of time you spent on Clash of Clans per day and multiplied that by a week, month or year it really adds up.

      We’re always happy to help someone find their passion – with your blog are you looking to monetize it / for it to be your means of income or is it a side project?

      I’ll have our design guys look at the font size, appreciate the feedback. I myself have a hard time reading text on certain sites (a constant reminder I’m becoming an old man!). I find that most browsers have a zoom option, even if I only need to zoom in by 10% it helps me read through it without too much eye strain.

      Thanks for checking in, appreciate the time and stay tuned for some great ideas we hope you can get excited about!

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