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What is Biz In A Box?

We give you the idea, outline a business plan, monetization models and work with you every step of the way to bring the business to life!  Each Biz In A Box includes a premium Domain Name and Social Media Presence.  From validation and research, to guidance on funding, through to marketing and customer acquisition we’re your startup experts!  Unpack your Biz In A Box today!  Don’t forget to check out our PREMIUM BUSINESS IDEAS which are also a part of our Biz-In-A-Box program!

*Like the idea, domain name and social presence but don’t need our help going forward?  No problem, we’re only here to help where you and your team needs assistance and guidance!
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Unpack your future success!  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Contact us – we’d be happy to work with you directly to develop an idea, business and monetization model that is the right fit for you!

Idea – Lie Detected

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You can't handle the truth, or can you?  Question is can you even get the truth?  Lie Detected can help! Everybody lies, it’s a fact and that’s no lie!  Most people can’t go a few minutes without telling a lie, even if it’s a small one, minor detail, whether [...]

Idea – Make Me Interesting

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The weather has been really <insert noun> lately.  *Cringe*  Boring!  Make Me Interesting! We’ve all fallen victim to social awkwardness, dull conversation skills, boring discussions and forced banter at some point in our lives.  For many this is a daily affliction that causes stumbling, fumbling, even avoiding interactions.  For others [...]

Idea – Resolve the Argument

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I’m right.  No, I’m right.  “There can be no progress without head-on confrontation.”  Let’s get ready to argueeeeee! We all have disagreements, different points of view, and argue regularly.  It’s human nature. Arguing is fun, especially when you’re right!  Let’s take two people arguing for example.  Both people *may* [...]

Idea – Social Contesting

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Be social, engaged and engaging!  Bridging the virtual and physical world gap in a creative, innovative and exciting way! While we focus on a particular business model type in the initial description there are several proposed models - skip ahead if you want to cut to the chase! There [...]

Idea – Local Digitizer

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Managing everything related to sharing media digitally, specialized services and more! We used to share media in person - opening a photo album, popping in a home movie, opening a freshly printed pack of developed pictures.  We’ve been spoiled by technologies that instantly allow us to see the images [...]

Idea – Decor Refreshers

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Decor Refreshers - Out with the old and in with the new, as often as you like!  Keep your furnishings and decor current and exciting! Our homes are the single biggest investment we’ll make in our lives.  We take pride in them, big, small or in between.  Painting, furniture, [...]

Idea – Gift Sherpas

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Gift shopping - ourselves, family, friends.  Ugh.  Here's an innovative and fun spin for you and your customers! There is certainly no lack of gift choices but do we have the time, patience, is it something we really want to do, will we make the right choice, do we know where to [...]

Idea – Driving Tracker

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Driving Tracker - Safer Driving Starts Here. Lending your car to your newly licensed teenager?  Loaning your car to a friend?  Have a business with a single or multiple drivers?  Want to measure your own driving habits to optimize fuel consumption, wear and tear on your brakes / transmission, [...]

Idea – Seeking Pals

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Making friends wasn’t always easy - until now. I wish I had more friends.  Easier said than done, right?  As we get older it becomes increasingly difficult, even with apps and services targeted towards adults.  You meet once a month or so or bounce from group to group without any [...]

Idea – Navigating SEO

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We’ll put up a Website and they’ll come.  Google will find me.  Open the flood gates and let the customers pour in!  *snicker* Post a Website and people will find us.  If only it were that simple.   Incredible tools are available for both individuals and businesses to get online - in [...]

Idea – Geeky Tasks

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Geeky Tasks helps you navigate the hella fast evolving world of technology, making all of your physical and virtual decisions and purchases simple! Conquering the infamous flashing ’12:00’ on the VCR for the first time made us feel like technological titans.  What’s next?  BRING IT ON!  Over the past few years, well, [...]

Idea – Fully Automate!

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Schedule it, automate it, make it come to you!  Forget the tedious, monotonous tasks & get back to life - Fully Automate! We’re in an age of technological and service marvels.  Productivity boosting, time saving, innovative and revolutionary developments that we wouldn’t have even dreamed of a few years ago. We’re also in a time [...]

Idea – Goal Sherpas

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If your goal has been to launch your own business, look no further - Goal Sherpas! I want to lose weight.  I want that promotion.  I want a house.  I want to learn a new language.  I want to start my new business this year.  I want to be happier. Everyone has goals, some are itsy-bitsy that [...]

Idea – Draw Pay

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Micro purchase transactions suck - it’s annoying for the customer and transaction fees eat up almost all profit for the merchant.  Ready for an exciting, innovative and revolutionary win-win? GARAGE SALE - pull over, PULL OVER!  My first find, a tacky bowl I know my Mom is just going to love.  Score, it’s [...]

Idea – Free Time Me

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You’re busy, I’m busy, we’re all busy.  Beyond busy.  Free Time Me! I can’t get to everything I want let alone *need* to do.  Have you seen my schedule, calendar events, to do list of items that have been lingering for weeks?  My day is to the point where I need to [...]

Idea – Meal Concierge

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It’s a busy world but you still have to eat.  Make it simple, delicious, efficient and do it right with Meal Concierge! With the pressures, stresses and demands of our daily lives, we trade off one priority for the next attempting to juggle and jam pack everything we possibly can into a single day. [...]

Idea – Social Media Training and Etiquette for Business

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Social Media for Business is confusing, overwhelming and not a fine science.  You're here to fix that! Hopefully you’ve had a chance to check out a similarly themed idea we published last week - Social Media Classes and Training for Students and Individuals.  While the theme of Social Media is the [...]

Idea – Social Media Classes for Students and Individuals

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and what happens online stays online, but FOREVER! We’ll be exploring business opportunities for Social Media Etiquette and Education classes for Students / Teachers / Parents / Individuals / Organizations, followed by Social Media Training and Etiquette for businesses in this two part series (look for part [...]

Idea – 3D Print Everything!

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Total 3D Print EVERYTHING with this 3D Printing Business Idea!  Taking a multi-dimensional approach to making a complicated and intimidating industry easy to understand and access! Most of us have heard of 3D Printing.  Scan an item or design a model, hit a button and it’s created layer by layer right [...]

Idea – Never Gluten – Gluten Free!

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Never ridiculed, never frustrated, never lacking delicious choices - Never Gluten!  Gluten Free! Gluten Free - call it a fad if you will but it’s been around for some time and continues to become more and more popular.  You may be Celiac, gluten sensitive or have opted to do a [...]

Idea – Get Your Memory

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Get Your Memory - Live and be in the moment rather than being a smartphone shutterbug! Ever been to an outing, event, anywhere really and kicked yourself that you never got ‘that’ photo?  It’s hard to believe that with the pervasive nature of video and cameras that we often miss [...]

Idea – Verified Classifieds

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Verified Classifieds - Added security while dodging the scammers, low-ballers and tire kickers! I have something for sale.  I post it on Craigslist or Kijiji and wait, fingers crossed.  I’m the type that’s a little concerned about meeting up with completely anonymous buyers.  Prior to meeting the process itself can [...]

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