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The heading above pretty much sums up what we’re all about – free business ideas.  We also provide resources, articles, how-to guides, video series, interviews, podcasts, business related templates, mind maps, and more!.  Execute on the ideas at face value, reshape by adding a personal touch to make it your own, or simply leverage it as a catalyst to open your mind to possibilities.  Get thinking, find what you’re looking for!

Free Business Ideas

We’re a group of geeks that have battled it out in the startup, small business and corporate trenches for years!  Collectively we have worked across just about every functional team within organizations (from small business up to fortune 500s); Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Project Management, Support, Accounting, R&D, Development, Multimedia, QA, HR, IT, Logistics, Customer Service – you name it and at least one of us has been there at some point.  Within each functional team we’ve held a variety of roles ranging from front liners to management and beyond right up to C-Levels.

Most of us currently run established businesses, while others are in start-up mode, have moved into Angel Funding / VC, and a tiny handful still hold positions with the Fortune 500s of the world.  We hope to have pictures and profiles up shortly – some of us aren’t as pretty as others, we appreciate your patience while we cycle through photoshoots and task our design team to work their Photoshop wizardry.

We love thinking, coming up with ideas, problem solving and helping other aspiring or established entrepreneurs along the way.  There are billions of ideas out there, more than a gaggle of geeks like us could ever hope to execute on.  We don’t believe in idea hoarding.  We’ve been successful in multiple arenas and feel it’s time to give back.  We’re here to share – our mission is to inspire, motivate and help you find your perfect business match.

If you have any questions, feedback or REQUESTS we’d love to hear from you.  We also recommend you SUBSCRIBE – it’ll put you first in line for all the cool ideas and resources (and sometimes freebies!) as they become available.  We never share your info or spam you – it’s annoying.

FREE business ideas – not a bad deal, right?  Feel free to share with friends, family, anyone looking to start their own business – we appreciate it and so will they!

Please note – invest in any idea at your own risk.  We accept no responsibility should your business encounter legal issues or fail for any reason.  Ensure you validate, research, build a solid business plan along with any other steps necessary to maximize the chance of building a successful business.  Not every idea you come across is a good one, and even s great idea may not be right for you.  Choose wisely, don’t cut corners or go in blind, and above all be honest with yourself.  Happy entrepreneuring!