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Demystifying the Connection Between SEO and Content

Driving SEO results through Content rather than keyword saturation and bulk backlinks. Plenty of talking heads around the web would have you believe that search engine optimization (SEO) is some arcane or downright scary branch of the digital world that stands apart from content and requires years of experience and testing to truly understand. [...]

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Employee Excellence – What to Look for After You’ve Hired

Employee Excellence - What to look for AFTER you've hired! You’ve done it! You have hired your very own employees! Now that their best has been displayed, how do you know they will keep performing? Working hard is, of course, one of the best ways to impress you. However, there are other ways to [...]

How to get your Business Covered in a National Newspaper

Does your business have an awesome story you want to share in traditional media print? So your company has this awesome story that you think deserves to be included in a national paper like The Guardian or The New York Times. Whether it is a late-breaking piece or you have the inside track like no [...]

Idea – Make Me Interesting

The weather has been really <insert noun> lately.  *Cringe*  Boring!  Make Me Interesting! We’ve all fallen victim to social awkwardness, dull conversation skills, boring discussions and forced banter at some point in our lives.  For many this is a daily affliction that causes stumbling, fumbling, even avoiding interactions.  For others it’s less frequent but the [...]

Idea – Resolve the Argument

I’m right.  No, I’m right.  “There can be no progress without head-on confrontation.”  Let’s get ready to argueeeeee! We all have disagreements, different points of view, and argue regularly.  It’s human nature. Arguing is fun, especially when you’re right!  Let’s take two people arguing for example.  Both people *may* have valid points.  You spar [...]

How to Succeed in Business without being a “Yes Man”

Why a 'Yes Man' is 'No Good' Despite what many may think, being a “yes man” in entrepreneurship will not help you reach success any quicker than a person who is capable of saying “No”. A “yes man” in entrepreneurship is someone who says yes to every opportunity that arises or any task that [...]

I need an idea!

"What should I do? I need a business idea!" "I have an idea but don't know where to start!" "I have X amount of capital, what business should I start?" "I need XYZ resource but I'm having trouble finding it" The list goes on. We hear it all the time, whether you're grinding out a 9-5, have a great idea but aren't sure of the next step or simply need a change of pace and want to work for yourself. Our hope is that we provide you with ideas and resources that inspire, motivate and move you to the next step. We want you to be successful and happy - it's in you, let's find it!